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Solutions for a narrow, rectangular bathroom

Solutions for a narrow, rectangular bathroom

3 ideas on how to furnish a small, rectangular bathroom using every centimetre. Modern or classic: with a relaxation area for everyone!

Who wouldn’t want a “small” modern or classically furnished bathroom? Entering a cosy environment where you can see the attention to detail and the precision of measurements is a joy for everyone. A room designed down to the last centimetre with no sign of space problems. This is the result you can expect when choosing solutions for a small and possibly narrow bathroom, whether it is traditional or contemporary in style. Here are 3 ideas on how to furnish a small, rectangular bathroom, which can be decorated with a personal touch to turn it into a masterpiece!


A mini washbasin

For some, a small, modern bathroom is hard to furnish, especially without having to make sacrifices. And what about traditional bathrooms? In reality, ideal small bathroom solutions do not involve any compromises, they just need to be adapted to smaller sizes.


A perfect example of where to start downsizing is the washbasin. When designing narrow rooms, such as furnishing a small, rectangular bathroom, the size of the washbasin should be chosen according to the space. There are many models that complement the classic or modern style perfectly: built-in, sit-on or semi-inset, the choice is entirely up to you as long as it suits the specific bathroom.


The sit-on washbasin has a dual practicality: on the one hand it can be downsized, occupying a minimal part of the top. On the other hand, as it is entirely above the level of the top, it takes up less space in the storage area. The Mineralmarmo® Bowl washbasin has an elegant finish and a rounded shape with a slightly overhanging rim. Its minimalist appearance fits in with many tap styles and models.


The Plug Sink marble sit-on washbasin outlines the washing area with the simplicity of black. The natural material gives a continuous finish to the top, with minimum impact on the aesthetics of the bathroom, whether classic or with a modern twist.


Everything on show

If the room is narrow, reducing the size of wall units and washbasin units allows you to have a wider view with no oversized furniture.


In a small, modern bathroom, the industrial-style Misfit Cart “washbasin unit” enables you to manage the versatility of a minimalist interior. Available in basic colours, Coal Black or Soft Grey, it houses the washbasin and serves as a towel rail, resembling the Diesel Living compositions. The cabinet structure shown here has a Soft Grey finish, the washbasin is built-in and the Misfit Soft Grey mirror completes the composition.

When it comes to widening the view, the wall-mounted elements also come into play. A composition in light colours with a wall unit in a metal finish and a large mirror are an absolute must for small bathroom solutions. The Anthracite open-fronted wall unit has a wall panel in Oxide Steel decorative melamine that doesn’t leave you feeling nostalgic for doors or handles. And the cosmetics are immediately ready for use.

For an effect of subtle sophistication, the Symphonie console that combines the ceramic washbasin with the chrome-finish structure with mirror. The retro effect and brightness of this composition adorn the wall with wallpaper. No more worrying about how to furnish a small, rectangular bathroom!

Corner solutions

Not only in the kitchen is it necessary to find ideas for furnishing the corner, but also in the wellness area small bathroom solutions can be useful. And these furnishing proposals offer new possibilities to maximise both the horizontal space and the vertical wall space.


The Tratto model configuration features copper taps, Powder Pink matt lacquered base unit and wall unit, Bianco City Quartz top and undermount storage container for cosmetics and much more. A range of solutions that would otherwise be impossible in this small size.

This corner configuration in the Juno model has a more minimalist character: the combination of Prestige White glossy lacquered open-fronted wall units and base units with Nordic Oak veneered and Prestige White polished glass tops lends a breath of fresh air to the entire bathroom.

If you don’t know how to furnish a small, rectangular bathroom and make use of the corner, you can increase the brightness at the back of the room simply by hanging a mirror on the two walls, which complements the washbasin unit that rests against the communicating walls.


How would you like to design your small modern or classic bathroom? Visit a Scavolini dealer to find the right idea for you!

Solutions for a narrow, rectangular bathroom