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The strength and versatility of gray

The strength and versatility of gray

Let’s color the living room with this great ally of interior design

A versatile color, which comes in a myriad shades, capable of blending in with any type of ambiance and solution. We mean gray, a neutral color that is also seductive due to this very ability to charm and disarm, offering us ever new and surprising ideas and interior design combinations. We’ll now focus on its possible applications in the living room. Are you ready to find out more? Let’s begin!

A myriad shades of gray

Pearl grey, greige, dove grey, and anthracite: these are just some of the hues gray can don, ranging from the most delicate shades to the darkest tones. How many do you know of? We’ll begin with the softest shades, because essentially the living room is synonymous with brightness and tidiness. Soft colors in the living room are vital for a modern lounge which proves to be an integral part of the interior decor of an open space. Just like this solution featuring the “Fluida” Wall System in Seagull Grey decorative melamine that emphasizes the possibilities afforded by the Carattere model, linking the kitchen to the living room.

One color for two

Light grey can be teamed with white or cream for a simple yet striking result. The perfect solution for elemental modern living rooms that “never need to ask”! Spaces that are characterized by geometric shapes and silhouettes, which only need a few elements and aim for an impeccable clean-cut look.
To break up the uniform coloring, while accomplishing an idea of profound lightness and harmony, a gentle color such as Seagull Grey can accompany other colors. This is evident in this wall-mounted configuration of Foodshelf, made with fronts and free elements that can be mixed and matched to suit personal preferences and that blend in with the kitchen environment.  

A strong and bold personality

The palette of grays doesn’t end here! The interior design ideas for your living room that fall under the spell of this color stretch to its strongest and boldest hues.
Charming textured effects are conveyed by Grey Stone laminate, that replicates the vein patterns of its inspiring natural element, and Oxide Steel decorative melamine, that recalls the reflections of steel. Mood Living room solutions with a high aesthetic impact, that furnish lofts or apartments with a contemporary mood.

One, none, a hundred thousand

What if we wanted to combine different grays? That’s a great idea, as the result will leave you speechless. Indeed, ideas for decorating your living room in gray are packed with notions and suggestions. With unprecedented and trendy materials and colors, such as Slate Oak decorative melamine for base units and shelves, Bromine Grey Fenix NTM® laminate for wall units and for the top of this LiberaMente composition. Or Iron Grey matt lacquered base units, a Titanium Grey matt glass top and open-fronted elements in Concrete Harlem decorative melamine. Plenty of opportunities to tailor one of the most important areas in your home to your specific needs!

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The strength and versatility of gray