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The warmth of wood

The warmth of wood

Evergreen styling, warmth and texture for a "live" material

Wooden doors can either be veneered or in solid wood.

The veneered door is made with a particle board panel or MDF panel, the surface of which is covered with sheets of "veneer", which are also referred to as sliced veneer, obtained by slicing across the tree trunk.
The solid wood door is made using wood taken directly from the tree trunk, which is processed into unfinished planks with standardised dimensions.

Although we treat our wooden doors using the best varnishes, damage due to continuous seepage, water dripping and steam cannot be completely prevented. Indeed, it is important to remember that wood is a hygroscopic material; in other words, it exchanges humidity with the surrounding environment, it tends to expand in very damp settings and shrink when conditions are very dry. It is therefore important to dry doors if water spills or steam condenses on their surfaces, and therefore to remember to switch on the ducted hood every time you cook. Where the climate is particularly damp or dry, the kitchen should be fitted with a system which will keep the humidity level within suitable limits. These small precautions will help you to keep all your wooden kitchen’s qualities and natural beauty intact. In any event, do not worry if the wood in your kitchen expands or shrinks a little at different times of year; this is not a defect, but the natural movement of a “live” product.

Cleaning and maintenance

For routine maintenance of wooden doors, use a soft cloth or a microfibre cloth (available from any of our Dealers) dampened with water, making sure you always rub in the same direction as the grain. For more in-depth cleaning, use a cloth with a small amount of non-abrasive detergent instead of water, then rinse with the well wrung-out cloth and dry all surfaces thoroughly.

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The warmth of wood