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Framed door with Soft Industrial Glass
“Archive” recessed handle
Midway utensil rail with Diesel rivet

Diesel Social Kitchen

Diesel Social Kitchen. Design ricercato, accostamenti inediti, perfetta sintesi di originalità, funzionalità e personalizzazione.
Μερικά σχετικά χαρακτηριστικά
vintage ανοιχτός χώρος βιομηχανικό διεθνές επίπεδη πόρτα λαβή μόδα σοφίτα σπονδυλωτή σχεδίαση χάλυβας χρώμα
Ο τέλειος χώρος για παρέα και για να εκφράσεις το στιλ σου.
Η ψυχή και το στιλ Diesel, συναντούν την έρευνα και το know-how της Scavolini για να δώσουν ζωή σε ένα νέο concept κουζίνας. Μια κουζίνα που καθίσταται περιβάλλον, όπου στην απόλαυση της μαγειρικής συνδυάζεται με φυσικό τρόπο η απόλαυση της σχέσης. Το “Social Kitchen” είναι ένας χώρος που επεκτείνεται έξυπνα και εργονομικά, που σε ξαφνιάζει με το design του αλλά και με την ιδιαιτερότητα και την ποιότητα των υλικών.

Design by Diesel Living
Personalisation reaches new heights to create a modern workplace where the modular elements shape a perfect space for socialisation. The creativity of a lifestyle brand meets the rationality of the free-standing furniture items (storage units, carts and tables) of the Misfits collection. Chairs and tables are produced by Moroso.
Island composition with doors in Ruxe Wood Nodato Oak, Drip Metal Steel and Drip Metal Steel frame with Soft Industrial Glass.
Design values and convenience, reinterpreted with creative verve, is the ethos of this composition in Ruxe White wood and Spotless Metal steel with wired glass, with Serena Quarz worktops.
Functionality and something more in the monoblocs (tall refrigerator and oven units and sink area) in this particular composition with Ruxe Grey wood and steel doors. For those wishing to stand out in the kitchen too.
This corner composition (with Dove Grey tempera lacquered Oak doors) expresses all its character through designer finishes, treatments and materials.
Personality is conveyed through details. The Soft Industrial Glass door acquires character from the tempered fused glass panel with chequered aesthetics and the steel frame with featured welds for an unusual rough effect. The Diesel logo is branded onto the Spotless Metal Box handles: a DOC detail. The drawer sides also carry the Diesel signature.
Matt Tempera Black lacquered oak, Spotless Metal steel, glass. Different materials and unusual combinations, but above all a strong focus on practicality, even where compositions are designed for small spaces.
Peninsula composition with doors in Tempera Black lacquered Nodato Oak and Spotless Metal Steel with frame and wired glass.
Grey tempera lacquered oak structured on several levels. A monochrome composition for expressing personalities that are more subtle but still vibrant and exciting.
A straight-line composition that redefines “mono-tony”. Ruxe Wood finish in a total look that includes the base and tall unit plinths and the boiserie panelling behind the steel and glass wall units. The fridge tall units, featuring two large steel handles, recall the latest fashion for old “distressed” kitchen cupboards.
A kitchen that can be assembled and reassembled, giving a fresh design every time! Plenty of scope for those who love change, who view their homes as work in progress. Breakfast bench, drawer unit, Misfits cart. All on wheels, to bring variety to your domestic scene every single day!
Style requires both function and creativity! The steel frame doors of the wall units can be customised afresh every day thanks to the “blackboard slate effect” surfaces. “Air conduit two”, a ducted chimney hood with drip metal finish, has been created to a Diesel design. Exclusive Tempera Indigo finish for the open-pore lacquered wood doors. The effect is similar to washed denim.
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Diesel Social Kitchen
Framed door with Soft Industrial Glass
Flight Case handle
Nodato Oak door
Ice box refrigerator handle
Drip Metal steel worktop

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Ruxe Grey Nodato Oak Scav754 - Tempera Green Scav 755
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Diesel Social Kitchen