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Statuario laminate doors
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LiberaMente. Πολυεδρικό στυλ, Απέριττες γραμμές, σαφείς γεωμετρίες, Λειτουργικές λύσεις εμπνευσμένες από την αναζήτηση της μέγιστης ελευθερίας σύνθεσης.
Μερικά σχετικά χαρακτηριστικά
casual family trendy ανοιχτός χώρος εξατομικεύσιμο επίπεδη πόρτα ευχάριστο μοντέρνα σπονδυλωτή σχεδίαση χρώμα
Έξοχο design και μίνιμαλ αισθητική με απουσία λαβών και ανοίγματα αυλακωτά, ανοιχτά δομοστοιχεία για τις πλέον διαφορετικές διαμορφώσεις, στοιχεία living και μεγάλη ποικιλία φινιρισμάτων και χρωμάτων.
Indeed, the focus lies on materials: Marble effect laminates, available for doors and tops; warm Walnut effect decorative melamines and Oak decorative melamines, all with vertical grain; textured effect Biomalta with a metropolitan feel; attractive metal effect lacquers.
These are all stylish choices for a truly classy kitchen.

Design by Vuesse
The harmonious appeal of Mineral Green used for the recessed grip profles, base units and plinths constitutes an extremely classy detail: this matt lacquered colour distinguishes the operational areas of the kitchen, and matches the textured feel of Calce Nero Porcelain Stoneware to perfection. The wall units and tall units are in Garden Walnut decorative melamine (with vertical grain).
Jaipur Red Fenix NTM® laminate distinguishes the 12 mm-thick worktop, the washing area with built-in sink basins and the doors of the wall-mounted composition to create an elemental, modern and highly functional style. The worktop on the island and cooking area is on the other hand in Coral Clay Quarz (20 mm thick), blending in seamlessly with the colours of this room.
Glass plays the starring role. A dynamic combination of the “Fluida” Wall System in Pure White decorative melamine, to separate and join adjoining rooms. The detail of the glass shelves liaises harmoniously with the Prestige White polished glass used for the kitchen area fronts.
Moon Blue matt lacquered finish of the composition (door, recessed grip profle and plinth): for those who appreciate attention to detail. Attractive contrasting textures between the peninsula worktop in Calce Bianco Porcelain Stoneware and the glass Levity support.
Linear composition, where the Iron Grey polished glass worktop (12 mm thick) enhances the appeal of the Titanium Grey matt lacquered base units and tall units. The open-fronted wall units and shelves of the "Metro" Wall System are instead in Concrete Harlem decorative melamine.
Two shades of decorative melamine make for a truly comfortable kitchen setting: Concrete Jersey decorative melamine for the base units and open-fronted larder unit, and Voyage Oak decorative melamine for the tall units, shelves and wall panel. Simple, yet striking style, that does not forgo practicality thanks to the Setup accessorised wall panel
A highly effective composition. The operational part plays the starring role of this composition: the cooking area stands out for the Statuario laminate worktop (40 mm thick) and it is equipped with a retractable hood; the washing area on the other hand features a satin fnish steel top (20 mm thick) with built-in sink basins.
Textured feelings are the focus of this design: Agra Clay Biomalta for the base units and Coal Oak veneered wall units and tall units, a blend of sophisticated colours and top-quality materials to create an unforgettable style.
Colour in your daily life: mustard Yellow matt lacquered wall units with slanted door, combined with Anthracite coloured metal open-fronted wall units, choices whose value is generously emphasised by the combination with the Wheat Oak veneered fnish of the composition.
The Diagonal pull-out breakfast bench, ftted with a clever diagonal sliding mechanism, stands out for its fnish: extra thick Nabuk Oak veneered (70 mm), a warm textured note in this attractive design.
A linear area, where the base units and wall units are in Ottawa Beaver Fenix NTM® finish. This clean-cut geometrically shaped confguration makes all tasks convenient and comfortable. In the background, the charming wall panel in Kelya Dekton®, combined with the 10 cm-high Black plinth.
A composition with significant volumes, where the undisputed stars are the materials: Sunset Walnut with an elegant vertical grain for the large cabinets, Malé White Fenix NTM® for the island base units and panelled Nabuk Oak for the breakfast bench top, ftted with Slender adjustable support.
Two separate areas dedicated to washing are the distinguishing features of this confguration of the LiberaMente model, with Delhi Oleomalta doors (22 mm thick) – the same material is also available for the side facing panels –, while the recessed grip profles and plinths are in the stylish Bronze-finish.
Τα κύρια σημεία του
 Στοιχεία με ανοιχτή πρόσοψη σε βαμμένο μέταλλο
 Κεκλιμένη πόρτα
 Λακαρισμένες πλίνθοι και χωνευτά προφίλ χειρολαβής
 Λακαρισμένη πόρτα πλυντηρίου πιάτων

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Wheat Oak veneered doors, Mustard Yellow matt lacquered doors and Anthracite coloured metal wall units
Statuario laminate doors and Iron Grey matt lacquered doors
Jaipur Red Fenix NTM® doors and Dune Oak veneered doors
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