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Scavolini Quality Lab

The Scavolini Quality Lab is a modern test laboratory, where we constantly carry out checks and tests in addition to those carried out during the daily running of checks to meet national and international reference standards.

We perform two categories of tests on random samples:
  • New material and product tests: preventive assessment of all critical materials and products prior to production.
  • Monitoring tests: evaluation of the performance of materials and products already in production (both internal production and external supply).
  • Testing the opening/closure of hinged doors.
  • Testing the opening/closure of sliding elements (drawers, baskets).
Evaluation of the effects of light on surfaces.
  • Testing resistance to damp/dry conditions.
  • Heat resistance tests.
  • Steam resistance tests.
  • Submerging the sample to test water resistance.
  • Drip action to test water resistance,
  • Evaluating panel water repellence.
  • Testing the resistance of our surfaces to common household products.
  • Testing the resistance of our surfaces to the most common household cleaning products.
  • Testing covering adhesion (division into squares)..
  • Scratch resistance testing.
  • Testing the resistance of our surfaces tofriction (wear and tear).
  • Testing the resistance of our surfaces to impact.
  • Testing element resistance and bend under heavy loads.
  • Unit safety tests (overturning, failure, breakage, etc.).
We perform several other tests for the evaluation of material and product characteristics: for example, worktop usage resistance, lighting system operation, hood operation, etc. For other specific types of tests we use qualified external laboratories: for example for the evaluation of formaldehyde emissions or other VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds); resistance tests on tables and chairs, etc.