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Lumina. harmonious balance of dimensions, shapes and materials.
A few relevant features
colour CONTEMPORARy customisable DESIGN flat door glass international minimal modular sophisticated
Clean-cut lines, flexibility and stylistic research: these are the features of Lumina, a sophisticated solution with a powerful theatrical presence, boasting extreme attention to detail and designed for those who like to surround themselves with bold furniture.
New finishes, available in three pearlescent colours, capable of shaping each solution with a modern and stylish design; they are also available for glass fronts, as well as with canneté aesthetics: this way, each individual design can be given a customised effect.
From a stylistic point of view, the key element of the model is the 40° slanted door for enhanced grip ergonomics combined with two types of recessed grip profile (Round or Flat).

Design by Vuesse
The ideal combination of functionality and aesthetics is also emphasised by the perforated sheet metal for wall units or for resting or hanging sliding elements. The interior lighting and the “now you see me now you don’t” effect of the texture, available in two different patterns - Round and Linear - exclusive to Scavolini, adds style and character to the compositions.

Add colour to everyday life with Lumina

Urban Steel laminate - Oriental Light decorative melamine 
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Contemporary, functional and safe materials
To adorn our models with style and flawless efficiency and to offer quality and durability, we carefully select every type of material.
Straightforward prices, another reason to choose Scavolini
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With Scavolini, 5 years of peace of mind and numerous advantages
Welcome to Scavolini No Problem, the project that extends the warranty to 5 years (60 months), dedicated to all those who have purchased a Scavolini kitchen or living
Make your choice responsibly.
With Scavolini, you protect the environment.
Because Scavolini invests in sustainability.
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The principles of Scavolini Green Mind

Use energy from renewable sources
Avoid wasting water
Reduce polluting emissions
Eliminate pollutants
Waste recycling
High energy efficiency of appliances
Use sustainable kitchen accessories
Zero-impact paper and printing
We are certified by the environmental management system