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A smarter home with Dandy Plus

A smarter home with Dandy Plus

How to make your home smarter with the Dandy Plus collection

At a time when the days simply don’t seem long enough to complete all your daily tasks, home technology can prove to be a precious ally to help tick a few off your list. From turning on the air conditioning while you’re still in the office, through to adjusting the lighting according to the time of day or to the weather, the smart home is a proactive response to the needs of the modern-day chaotic lifestyle, and Scavolini has risen to the challenge. Find out how to make your home a smart home with our furniture connected with Amazon Alexa!

Smart home: technology and comfort catering to the needs of everyday life

If you live in a modern apartment and you intend to turn it into a smart home, then you simply have to keep up with the latest furnishing trends, keeping your eyes trained on technological advancements. Have no fear: we thought of everything for you with our Dandy Plus range.


The result of the partnership between Scavolini and the famous designer Fabio Novembre, this kitchen and bathroom collection not only pays tribute to Italian design but it also constitutes a genuine revolution in the interpretation of domestic spaces.

The kitchen and bathroom of tomorrow: Dandy Plus

The kitchen, which is distinguished by a design reminiscent of our historic model from the Eighties, just like the bathroom model, combines soft silhouettes and bright colours with state-of-the-art technological solutions: have you seen them yet? The cherry on the cake of these compact and connected cabinets is indeed the presence of a Task Bar: this equipped bar consists of an aluminium profile (the ends of which comprise special rounded or squared profiles), on which the smart speaker device (yes, Amazon Alexa) controlling and managing the various technological systems is fitted.

And there’s more: this bar plays host to various smart functions such as electrical sockets and USB ports, which are vital in day-to-day life, and can also house a series of accessories such as shelves and towel rails, which definitely come in handy.

The promise of Dandy Plus is to furnish a smart home in every respect, where technology comes together with design to create a unique experience, focusing on well-being and practicality, without compromising on aesthetics. In short, whether you need to heat up the oven or play some tunes while you wait for a delivery, the Dandy Plus smart kitchen and bathroom can do it for you, so you can sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet at home.

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A smarter home with Dandy Plus