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Pet-friendly furniture

Pet-friendly furniture

Pet design: furniture befitting of our furry four-legged friends

Are you a feline or a canine fan? A four-legged companion brings love and joy, filling a home merely with its presence. However, let’s not forget about furniture, which could seriously be put to the test by the scampering and scuttering from one room to the next: so how do you protect it? The secret is to furnish a pet-friendly home, choosing designer pieces capable of catering to your need for cuddle time and play time too.

Hard-wearing and easy-to-clean materials

Have you already bought your cat a scratching post? If you have, felines love to sharpen their claws: to avoid their attention being drawn to a specific texture, we recommend you opt for kitchen and living room compositions with a smooth finish, such as lacquered versions (which are right on-trend in contemporary styles).
These finishes offer another benefit too: they are easy to clean, allowing you quickly to remove any fingerprints left on the doors as you return from your walk.

Comfort for all

Isn’t a snuggle on the sofa after dinner just blissful? Pets love to relax as much as you do (perhaps even more so) and are often on the look-out for the perfect spot to have a nap. Furnish your home in a cosy style, paying particular attention to your choice of:

- robust furniture and accessories, which do not tip over or shift under the weight of your pet,

- cabinets without too many sharp edges (also avoid small ornaments which could be swallowed),

- removable fabric covers or in any case which are easy to wash.

Spaces set aside specifically for your pet

Petting and teaching your furry friend new tricks is all very well, but every animal also needs its own space: what do you think of placing a comfortable bed with some toys in its favourite areas of the home? This will help them feel like part of the family and deter them from taking over your things.


For harmonious cohabitation, reinventing certain items of furniture might also be a good idea. For instance, if you have installed a new wall-mounted system in the living room, you could remove some books from the shelves and set up a fun obstacle trail for your kitten, as they enjoy climbing high up.

Contact one of our dealers for some more ideas and plan your own pet-friendly furniture!

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Pet-friendly furniture