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Furnishing the attic

Furnishing the attic

3 ideas to transform your attic and even make the most of low ceilings

Renovating an apartment could involve an existential dilemma: what to do about the attic? Yes, that’s right, that dusty and often neglected part of your home could become your personal haven with the right furniture project. What will definitely come in handy are items of furniture and accessories that mirror the pitched roof, thereby also making best use of the sloping ceiling; so let’s have a look at 3 ideas to utilise the attic and set it up for multiple uses!

1. Bathroom with pitched roof

A private spa with a whirlpool bathtub and a skylight above it to gaze up at the stars or a minimalist yet super functional bathroom? It’s up to you!
Once you’ve ascertained the space is architecturally sound, the wiring and plumbing are all in order, the attic can be transformed into an attic bathroom featuring every comfort. To overcome the challenge of the pitched roof, the best option is to fit the sanitary ware or bathtub in the lowest portion of the attic, or to create a small laundry area by installing the washing machine and drier there.

2. Hobby room and studio

Have you always dreamed of having a welcoming corner to read and relax in? Is your home missing a studio to work and cultivate your artistic streak? Make one in the attic! Don’t despair if your attic space has irregular slopes: create some charming and functional corners in the alcoves, setting up a custom-sized bookcase, a desk or even a pouf there.

If you fit generously-sized attic windows, you’ll also be able to make the most of plenty of natural light.

3. From attic to dining room

If there is enough head height in the attic, why not use it to accommodate your dining guests?
To plan an attic kitchen, the secret is to install a modular composition in the centre, paring down the appliances to the bare minimum, and furnishing the sloping sides with low cabinets which offer plenty of storage space, to place your recipe books and extra glassware and crockery. The result? A cosy and inviting space, to experiment your culinary skills in peace and spend time with your loved-ones.

With just a few precautions, you’ll no longer ask yourself what to put in the attic. And our designers will be able to help you plan your attic at its best!

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Furnishing the attic