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How to light up the bathroom

How to light up the bathroom

Bathroom lighting: a practical guide

Despite being one of the most important rooms in the home, the bathroom is often overlooked. To make the most of it and give it the attention it deserves in terms of design, we’ve put together a simple guide on how to light it up and turn it into your own personal kingdom of well-being and peace.

The importance of natural light

Light and relaxation go hand in hand: as a symbol of positivity, natural light is an essential element in transforming the bathroom into a true oasis.


So if possible, make sure that the room has at least one window, fitted with frosted glass or adorned with curtains to ensure enough privacy.


But what if it’s windowless? We have the solution: in addition to ensuring good ventilation in the room, install spotlights on the ceiling to evoke the warmth of the sun’s rays and enjoy the atmosphere.

Artificial lighting in the right places

Our advice is to arrange the lights on different levels, so that you can decide for yourself whether to light up the whole room equally or light up just one corner, for example the bathtub area when you are enjoying a hot bath.


A solution could therefore be to install lights on the ceiling, like the already mentioned spotlights or ceiling lights, and wall lamps or lampshades, just like the Baltimora bathroom model in Antique Cream Oak.


Going back to the bathtub for a minute, remember that you can also use dimmable lighting to change the brightness of the light and create an atmosphere of your choosing.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

You look at yourself, put on make-up or shave: the washbasin and mirror area is for personal care and so requires perfect lighting. Choose backlit mirrors, like those shown in our Aquo model, or wall lamps, which can be installed above or to the side, but be mindful of any shadows.

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How to light up the bathroom