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How to organize your walk-in closet

How to organize your walk-in closet

What should never be missing from your walk-in closet

The longed-for walk-in closet must be designed with great care. To make it really special, it needs to be furnished with the right elements, accessories and lighting to suit your requirements and your closet. Not sure where to start? Let this article inspire you!

There’s something for everyone and every item of clothing

When choosing accessories for your walk-in closet, you need to consider both the type and the amount of clothes you have. After sorting through your clothes, a good idea is to divide them into categories so that you can organize them better and find them easily when you need them.


This is where shelves, clothes rails, drawer units and organizers of different shapes and uses, like laundry units, trouser racks and shoe racks from the Walk-in Fluida project, come to your rescue. As a rule, remember to put everything you wear most frequently in “convenient” areas and less frequently used clothes higher up. Don’t worry: with the sliding clothes rack, no outfit will be out of reach!


Don’t forget about your fashion accessories: glasses, ties, belts and jewellery have their own place too and can be found in jewellery trays and storage bowls.

The wow effect

A decent walk-in closet must be well-lit: if the natural or artificial light in the room is not enough, the Walk-in Fluida system offers two different types of lighting that enhance both the design of the structure and its interior.


In detail, you can choose from the Magical lights, which can be positioned horizontally and vertically and slanted to illuminate your clothes, and the Flexy lights, which are flexible and can be installed on shelves and shoe racks. In other words, with these systems your look is bound to be bright!

Changing outfits

What will you wear today? We know that sometimes it’s hard to decide and you find yourself staring at the closet for hours on end: how about sitting on a pouf and waiting for an idea? Placing a seat in the walk-in closet can prove extremely strategic when changing clothes and shoes.


Lastly, never underestimate the presence of a large wall or floor mirror in your bedroom: we are convinced it will approve of your every look!

How to organize your walk-in closet