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Kitchen dish-racks

Kitchen dish-racks

Built-in, sit-on or open-fronted drainer units: there’s something for everyone!

Are you a serial hoarder of dirty dishes or do you wash your dishes religiously after each meal? In both cases, no self-respecting kitchen would be complete without a dish-rack, which is essential to leave your washed and rinsed dishes out to dry, especially if you don’t always have time to wipe them dry. So let’s find out what the most popular drainer unit models are!

Built-in drainer unit

When planning a new kitchen, in the distribution of modules, one option could be to envisage a drainer wall unit, equipped with a drip tray and a large enough grid to house your plate set, glassware and cutlery. This type of dish-rack not only embraces the full functionality of spaces, but it is also extremely discrete, thereby keeping the kitchen looking tidy: something which should not be underestimated if you prefer a living area with a minimal design.

There are however certain downsides to consider with a built-in drainer unit, such as the need, given the fixed dimensions of the basket or tray, to envisage additional drainer units, for instance sit-on models, to drain pots and pans or other kitchen utensils used to prepare a large meal with family or friends.

Visible dish-rack

Have you ever simply forgotten to open the door before you start washing up and then getting soaked as you attempt to put your dishes up on the rack to dry? One of the most practical solutions to speed up doing the dishes is to have an open-fronted rack fitted over the sink. Chefs know this only too well: the Mia professional kitchen, in partnership with con Carlo Cracco, envisages a wall-mounted structure for storage, parallel with the island, which accommodates the food preparation line: washing and drying, cutting and cooking.

Beware however of how you arrange the crockery: since it is visible, this model of drainer unit can make the worktop look more chaotic, making the kitchen look a little messy.


All dry? Set aside space in your cupboard for your special bone china set with its gilded border, and stack everyday plates, saucers and bowls in the trolley.

Kitchen dish-racks