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Kitchen door types

Kitchen door types

They are vital to determining the look of a project. Let’s find out why.

Smooth or processed surfaces, with or without handles. We make these decisions based on personal taste, sometimes combined with the advice of an expert or retailer who provides more insight into the technical and design details. In order to opt for a particular kitchen model which best reflects our world, suited to accompany us and our needs, day after day.

The type of door has a very strong impact on defining the personality of a kitchen, and on average it affects 70-80% of decisions. Let’s discover together all the main door types we can take into consideration, starting with style and functionality.

Super flat door

The simplest door around, but also the trendiest, aimed in particular at those who prefer a contemporary and metropolitan mood. Extremely fashionable in kitchens that incorporate these styling needs, the smooth door comes in multiple versions, where the superior quality of the integrated openings, of the materials, colours and finishes are what make the difference. Pureness and striking simplicity are the feelings conveyed by base units, wall units and cabinets fitted with smooth doors which can be equipped with horizontal and vertical recessed grip profiles, designer processing such as the handle profile cut at a 40° angle, the distinguishing feature of the DeLinea model that guarantees an outstanding grip.

Smooth door with handle

Perfect for customers who love linear, clean-cut geometrical shapes, it can be customised by inserting handles proposed to match the style of the kitchen, contributing to reinforcing its identity. The handles, which are veritable decorative elements available in a host of different variants, can be high-impact or low-key, be recessed or exposed in full view depending on the desired effect. Shapes, dimensions and finishes merge with those of the door, in the perfect synergy of design and style.

Frame door

Perfect in a kitchen aiming for a warm and retro look, the frame door becomes an element offering a variety of interpretations. The presence of the frame can define classic contemporary style and constitute a luxurious choice with a modern twist. Alternatively, the processing on the door can distinguish a model with a country or shabby chic style, where the frame comes in a rounded shape, such as in Madeleine, to emphasise the value of a warm welcome.

Shaped and slanted door

Both determine unprecedented, almost unexpected silhouettes and shapes. This is where two kitchen models make their timely appearance.
Flux Swing, a project distinguished by the sinuous silhouette of the curved wall units and base units fitted with a shaped door, which mark their surrounding settings.
And LiberaMente which in some models offers the sophisticated detail of wall units with an exclusive slanted cut, leaving a portion of smooth door exposed and visible.

Several types of doors which give kitchens a specific soul to create increasingly customised configurations.

Kitchen door types