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Mindfulness at home

Mindfulness at home

Furnishing tips and ideas to create a relaxing home and live a more enjoyable life, in harmony with nature.

The alarm bell rings and then it’s off to work, do the school run and juggle between the day’s various tasks. This is quite a common snapshot of contemporary life. And then there’s home, our haven; a place we reluctantly leave in the morning, and which reassuringly welcomes us back in the evening. Within the domestic walls, we adapt settings to suit our needs and those of the entire family, in the pursuit of peace and relaxation.


Shedding light on well-being

Light is one of the most important components to recreate the principles of mindfulness at home. A well-lit setting, thanks to curtains that help filter sunlight correctly, the choice of the right light points in the main areas of the room - kitchen, bathroom and living room - and of lighting systems that create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, contributes towards helping us feel more in tune with our body and with our surroundings.

Bringing nature home

House plants are genuine items of interior furnishings, and they play a vital role in making the setting an enjoyable one. Warmer weather encourages our desire to be surrounded by greenery and even to create a small domestic vegetable patch. There is a growing desire to taste fresh, home-grown vegetables, herbs and spices, ready to be used to experiment with new culinary delights. If you don’t have a terrace, a small balcony is enough, a sun-drenched window sill or even a small portion of the illuminated wall, aired from time to time.
Looking after plants and the fruits of your own vegetable patch does not require a major investment in terms of money or space, while allowing you to eat healthily, to decorate your home and imbue it with the fragrances of elements that are 100% natural!

Harmonious shapes and colours

A neat and tidy home declutters the mind, allowing you to feel lighter and to live more serenely. Whether the solution is “decluttering” or the application of the Marie Kondo method to tidy up your home, there aren’t that many other ways to rid yourselves of excess belongings, which are often unnecessary or have been unused for a long time, and create a well-organised, clean and above all relaxing setting!

Colours also have a considerable impact on our mood. Warm and delicate shades for the walls of your home, and natural materials such as wood, marble and stone for the furniture, contribute to soothing mind and body.

Uncovered time

Home can be a nest for the body, for the soul, and for your belongings. The ideal place where only your dear ones may enter, where you find refuge to uncover your own intimate identity. For this reason, creating our angle of the world dedicated solely to our passions and hobbies has become vital. All you need is a living room with a sofa, a table, a bookcase with your favourite belongings or an equipped kitchen that will accompany you as you experiment with new recipes, to have the opportunity to stop time and feel, finally, at home.

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Mindfulness at home