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Sustainability in the kitchen is top-notch

Sustainability in the kitchen is top-notch

Worktops contribute to bringing the green philosophy into the kitchen, with one great novelty. Let’s find out what it is together!

The essence of what we are and of the things we value can be reflected in where we live. They encompass the sense of what we aspire to, they “speak” through the elements that furnish them and they accompany us day-in, day-out. From the kitchen, to the bathroom and living room, every detail has its meaning and its own little story. When we talk about kitchen tops, we quite rightly emphasise the ability to combine design with practical use, and we can now add a touch of green too! Indeed, because eco-sustainable tops can be top-performing, highly practical, be extremely durable and on top of that be a choice that helps protect the environment.
We’d like to take advantage of this opportunity to illustrate our nature-friendly worktops while also introducing a novelty.
Are you ready to find out what it is?

ABITUM, the ceramic top

Ceramic tradition and state-of-the-art sustainable technologies: together, they contribute towards putting together a kitchen top made with 100% natural raw materials.

What’s it called? ABITUM, a top that sums up all the characteristics we want from a kitchen worktop, in other words one that is easy to clean, resistant to scratches, heat and acids, as well as food safe. ABITUM is designed to stand the test of time, retaining all its initial characteristics over time. It is available in two different thickness versions (12 and 20 mm) and in a variety of finishes that replicate the charm of the material, to suit various styles and aesthetics. From the paler and brighter ones to the darker and more intense ones, with a metal effect or even marble with typical vein patterns.

Last but not least, it is easy to clean! Here are some maintenance tips: to clean an ABITUM top, simply use hot water or neutral detergents commonly used to clean kitchen worktops and appliances, with a microfibre cloth or a soft sponge.

Classically environmentally-friendly materials

Stone, wood and steel: these materials immediately spring to mind when we think of an eco-friendly kitchen top. This is because they are evergreen materials, which have been the number one choice for kitchen tops for the longest!
Stones left in their natural state avoid too many processing phases, whereas with the dust and chips of the raw material that has been bonded with the use of natural resins, or not, genuine eco-friendly solutions can be obtained.
Wood is the natural material par excellence, and it also becomes an eco-sustainable choice, when you avoid those species which risk extinction and prefer timber sourced from controlled forests, such as the wood used by Scavolini.
What can we say about steel? We know all is virtues, it is hygienic and antibacterial, and it can even be sourced from recycled objects, for the smallest possible environmental footprint.

The new generations

They are attractive to look at and afford surprising visual and tactile suggestions. These innovative materials are taking a foothold and lining up beside the more classic choices for kitchen tops. Smart materials that are highly sophisticated in both the processing and the final effects they generate.

Fenix NTM is material consisting of approximately 70% cellulose (layers of paper) and latest-generation acrylic resins.

Its surface is extremely matt, it has a low light reflection, is anti-fingerprint and soft to touch. Fenix NTM also offers superior performance in terms of resistance to scratches, abrasion, dry heat, and it is capable of repairing itself through exposure to heat in the event of any micro scratches on the surface.


The characteristics of environmentally-friendly kitchen tops allow you to enjoy the kitchen, the place for sociability and harmony, to its full potential, with the safety of working and cooking on hard-wearing, versatile and eco-sustainable tops.

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Sustainability in the kitchen is top-notch