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The restyled Motus model

The restyled Motus model

The charm of a warm and welcoming kitchen: here is the Motus project with its brand new look

The Motus project by Scavolini, designed by Vittore Niolu, makes its debut with a new look, sporting a series of updates involving both the design and the accessories, but without altering the stylistic features for which it has so far captured the hearts of many: if you’re a Motus fan, here’s all you need to know about the restyled model!

By people for the people

Versatile, functional, equipped: the Motus kitchen is tailored to the needs of the people living with it. It goes without saying that the project’s mission is to break down the barriers between the working, dining and relaxation areas to provide a flexible setting where you can meet with friends and family, share meals and chat, have video chats and after-work spritzers.

This is why, while restyling, our designers kept in mind the dress code dictated by everyday life, creating a kitchen that overlooks the living room and forms a single, aesthetically harmonious and well-equipped environment.


How? For example, through the emblematic use of the Fluida wall system, comprising a load-bearing side panel which makes designing the home all the more versatile and free, or through the careful arrangement of the elements, such as the Sign accessory holder bar, that ensures the utmost stylistic continuity between the areas.

In style

Soft silhouettes and simple contours are still the trademark of Motus, which is available in an even wider and more sophisticated range of colours, from glossy and matt lacquered finishes to trendy decorative melamines and highly appealing textured shades: in other words, outfits that can be totally customised to suit your taste and are in line with the general mood of the furnishings.


As for the distinguishing features of the restyled model, we can mention the door with recessed grip profile opening, in its new, unique version with sophisticated glass inserts, the geometry of the shaped drawers and the exclusive finish of the plinths on the modules and the tables, details which are not to be underestimated and are most certainly a must-have in a home that focuses on every aspect.

Lastly, how can we not talk about the sheer flexibility and adaptability of the model? It is available in a linear, corner, island or peninsula composition: which style would you choose?


Browse through the catalogue or contact a Scavolini dealer to see Motus up close!

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The restyled Motus model