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Your dream laundry area

Your dream laundry area

5 different ways to furnish your laundry room depending on your style and space requirements.

A well-furnished and fully organised home laundry is a dream shared by any neat freak. It can be positioned in a bathroom, in the broom cupboard or in the basement: you’ll be able to find the right model for your particular needs among our solutions.

Compact and versatile solution

If you want to set up an accessorised laundry area that offers the utmost levels of comfort, where you can move around easily and have everything at hand, it is vital that you set aside a dedicated room for this task, that’s separate from the other rooms in your home.
You can create one in the basement or in your garage, places where you can put together modern compositions, equipped with a washing machine base unit and a Wall System with visible modules to store garments, detergents and your cleaning and beauty essentials.

The bathroom cum laundry room function

When the room for well-being is also the place you perform everyday tasks to keep everything clean and tidy, the solutions can vary according to the styling and space requirements.
You can create a new bathroom concept, with cabinets that feature perfect styling continuity and work as both washbasin, washing machine and laundry units.
What about a drawer unit on wheels? It’s a great ally to keep everything within easy reach at all times!

The laundry world at your fingertips

Any respectable laundry room features a washtub with a practical pull-out washboard: a functional element that distinguishes this space. This model built into the base unit underneath emphasises the modern design and the innovative material used, i.e. Mineralmarmo®. Hidden from view are the laundry unit, a practical and indispensable accessory to keep your laundry area tidy at all times, the pull-out detergent container and the washing machine unit.

A smart workplace

The bathroom cum laundry room is capable of concealing what is only functional at certain times. An example?

The practical pull-out drying rack for small garments which appears when you open the Smart wall unit with mirror. The roomy baskets are on the other hand fitted with practical plastic partitions to organise accessories perfectly, including in the revolving wall which can be fitted with visible trays and storage hooks.

An attractive and super accessorised laundry space

In a laundry area there are never enough supports, appliances and cleaning essentials!
That’s why it is possible to furnish it with several elements: capacious accessorised cabinets designed to contain appliances and to work as broom cupboards; the “Fluida” Wall System supplemented with bottom-hinged flap and flap doors and baskets; a practical ironing board that pulls out of the Cover top.
A harmonious blend of elements to strike the perfect balance of design, tidiness and optimised operations.

Would you like to create the perfect laundry area too?
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Your dream laundry area