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12.5 cm thick Nordic Oak veneered top
1.2 cm thick Prestige White SCAV 028 polished glass top
Storage mirror


Juno. Dynamism, freedom and flexibility for an ultra-comfortable bathroom.
A few relevant features
accessories adaptable brass bronze colour DESIGN fashion flat door minimal Modern well-being
Strikingly simple silhouettes, clear geometric shapes and minimal styling.
A game of volumes and perfect functionality that make it possible to liaise with the surrounding space through sophisticated shapes. From a stylistic perspective, the leitmotiv of this collection is the door with J-shaped handle grip (22 mm thick) which ensures ergonomically-designed, simple furnishings. Multiple finishes are available: glossy or matt lacquered as well as decorative melamine.
The Juno bathroom gives rise to a well-being that is easy to enjoy and customise, thanks to the possibility of combining all our washbasin versions, wall-mounted or floor-standing sanitary ware, taps, shower trays and enclosures,
bathtubs, mirrors, accessories, as well as a wide range of lighting systems.

Design by Vuesse
Prestige White glossy lacquered finish for wall units and wall-mounted vanity units fitted with a matching glass top; Nordic Oak veneered top (12.5 cm thick); large storage mirror embellished with the Racer chrome-finish LED lamp: this setting stands out for its minimal design.
The door with J-shaped handle grip in Titanium Grey glossy lacquered finish is a detail oozing undisputed elegance. An appealing combination is the polished glass top in the same colour (1.2 cm thick): for a monochrome look that emphasises the shapes of this model.
The simplicity of this offering highlights the ultra-trendy details: a new system of mirrors and Magneto accessories affording the utmost versatility. Open-fronted wall units also available with mirror wall panels, shelves, soap dishes, tumbler-holders and towel rails that are magnetic and can be positioned freely across the surface of the mirror.
Vertigo SCAV 864 decorative melamine vanity units - Landscape Oak SCAV 922 decorative melamine open-fronted elements - 10 cm thick Vertigo laminate top, profile B24 and 1.2 cm thick, profile B01 with Plaza Ocritech® built-in washbasin - 1.2 cm thick Landscape Oak Decorative Melamine top, profile B01
Mineral Green SCAV 277 matt lacquered vanity units 1.2 cm thick - Top with Spring built-in washbasin - “Fluida” Wall System in Garden Walnut SCAV 942 Decorative Melamine
Door with handle grip
Sheet metal open-fronted elements
Magneto mirrors
Magneto accessories
Keep support bracket

Add colour to everyday life with Juno

Prestige White glossy lacquered finish for wall units and wall-mounted vanity units.
Titanium Grey glossy lacquered.
Mineral Green SCAV 277 matt lacquered vanity units.
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Contemporary, functional and safe materials
To adorn our models with style and flawless efficiency and to offer quality and durability, we carefully select every type of material.

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Scavolini No Problem Bathrooms, garanzia 5 anni
Con l’acquisto del tuo bagno puoi accedere a SCAVOLINI NO PROBLEM BATHROOMS, il progetto dedicato a tutti coloro che hanno acquistato l’arredo bagno Scavolini e vogliono condividere desideri e proporre suggerimenti per vivere al meglio questo importante ambiente della propria casa.

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Use energy from renewable sources
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