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Project design
Before being put into production, each new model and/or element undergoes a complex and careful design and industrialisation procedure, with verification activities that are mostly carried out in laboratory tests.
Organising production and logistics is essential to ensure precision, punctuality and efficiency. Always at the forefront in the use of new technology systems and machinery, we choose equipment that guarantees speed, but above all precision.
In order to ensure that its suppliers have all the necessary requirements, Scavolini has implemented an in-depth selection and evaluation process, based on direct visits, the completion of specific questionnaires, material tests, certifications, etc. Its suppliers are then subjected to continuous monitoring to ensure they maintain our quality standards.
A company comprises above all of people. This means that careful selection of our personnel, and an ongoing training process become fundamental, providing the best support to allow us to operate in an effective and precise way.
Checking and testing
We have built an internal system of checks at different levels, with the aim of minimising the risk of any errors or product defects reaching our customers. Numerous checks take place, upon taking delivery of materials from the suppliers, during the various production phases and on the finished product, before shipment.