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Bronze frame doors with Ribbed Glass
“Bolt“ island hood
Shelves for Stock Rack System

Diesel Open Workshop

Diesel Open Workshop. Industrial design finds a new balance.
A few relevant features
CONTEMPORARY DESIGN fashion flat door glass handle INDUSTRIAL international loft luxury open space STEEL VINTAGE
Diesel Open Workshop: the kitchen restyled with an industrial twist. Just like a workshop, the kitchen consists of several functional areas with various languages and materials.
The result of a partnership between the Diesel Living team and Scavolini, Diesel Open Workshop is a new chapter following on from the astounding success of the Diesel Social Kitchen, "a new idea" that is set to be just as successful, if not outright more effective in evocative terms.
Inspiration plays the starring role; not just in the elements which characterise the design, but in the very essence of the project: the strict alternating blocks and voids, the painstaking care for details, the pursuit of the perfect materials make this a "simple" design, yet concurrently an absolutely mesmerising vision.
The modular structures of the Steel tubes mark the rhythm of this kitchen uniquely, with a stylistic approach capable of merging and enhancing shapes, functionality, vintage spirit with contemporary styling. Impeccable care for details, which makes up the genuine personality of this kitchen, in the profiles of the handles incorporated into the door, the frame of the doors themselves and of the shelves, the feet and the corner elements, designed to lend the system a unique appearance.

Design by Diesel Creative Team
Garden Walnut scav 942 decorative melamine door and Bronze frame door with Rbbed Glass and Bronze handle profile. Bronze Stock Rack system with Smoky Glass shelves.
Landscape Oak decorative melamine doors and Bronze frame doors with Ribbed Glass. Bronze Stock Rack System with Landscape Oak decorative melamine shelves.
Composition with island, Garden Walnut decorative melamine doors and Bronze frame doors with Ribbed Glass. Bronze Stock Rack SystemwWith Smoky Glass shelves.
Light Grey scav 301 matt lacquered door and Concrete Harlem scav 880 decorative melamine door with Soft Steel handle profile. Wall-mounted Soft Steel Stock Rack system with Concrete Harlem scav 880 wall unit and frame shelf with Smoky Glass..
Composition with peninsula, Concrete Jersey and Earth Grey decorative melamine doors and Soft Steel frame doors with Smoky Glass.
Glass and aluminium: technique and style take shape. This particular composition it can be found in the meeting point between the taste of “old world” objects with a new sense of interpretation: a new way of illustrating shapes and things.
Horizontal and vertical modularity. The modularity of the Stock Rack System is the “stage trick”, the highlight of the Diesel Open Workshop collection. This is such a simple element yet concurrently one that is capable of generating a strong sense of style and of imposing a composition capacity without limits.
Dark tones and warm hues dominate the entire composition. The washing area reveals the top combined with Bronze finish painted elements. The small display cabinet, in the same materials as the remainder of the composition, is embellished by an internal vertical VELO LED light, which creates a decidedly elegant visual effect.
The Mineral Green version of this composition is an example of how a colour code, applied to the same project, can reveal entirely different universes of style. Matt lacquered door and Ribbed Glass for minimal contemporary taste...just the thing for contemporary settings.
The large island appears to be suspended above the floor and the large supports, in Soft Steel finish metal, form a frame around the structures and the doors with Ribbed Glass. Both the washing area and the hob have been fitted flush with the matt finish Motley Quarz top.
Simplicity, without foregoing Diesel style: Satin finish Moka Lapitec® top and the version in Smoky Glass with black mesh, combined with the base unit and mediumheight unit doors, distinguish this kitchen in Soft Beige decorative melamine.
A “disjointed” composition where every single operating station manages to play the starring role and make the entire composition innovative. In the washing area, the large console with the undermount sink is distinguished by Soft Steel finish elements. The same mood, and the same materials, for the cooking area.
Diesel Open Workshop
Corner and linear plaque
Shelves for Stock Rack System
Horizontal handle profile
Breakfast bench support
“Bolt“ island hood

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Slate Black matt lacquered doors and Bronze frame doors with Smoky Glass
Mineral Green matt lacquered doors and Bronze frame doors with Ribbed Glass
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Diesel Open Workshop