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Veneered slat door
Dark Steel finish aluminium frame door with glass
Summit breakfast bench support


Musa. Unique proportions and elegant finishes.
A few relevant features
CONTEMPORARY customisable DESIGN elegant flat door glass handle international modular slat
Sophistication, versatility and innovation: these are the special features of Musa, a solution designed to embellish contemporary style and formal elegance thanks to a new modularity and a wide range of finishes that enable endless scenarios to be created, heralding the most extensive customisations possible.
Musa is a design that showcases Scavolini’s excellence in processing materials. Continuous research and experimentation has, in fact, led to the introduction of new finishes, available in three pearl-effect colours, capable of shaping any decorative element with a modern and sophisticated allure. The brand new colour variations have been added to the glossy and matt lacquered range. They are also available for glass fronts and, with slat texture, for lacquered and veneered panels: this means that style and elegance can be added to any setting, while catering to different tastes and living moods.
The Musa collection also features functional solutions with an impressive scenic impact, like the Perforated sheet metal surface available for wall units and sliding, countertop or hanging elements, which, thanks to the interior lighting and the “now you see me now you don’t” effect of the texture - Round or Linear - creates a spectacular game of colours throughout the entire composition.

Design by Vuesse
The composition boasts an island with Pecan Oak slat veneered door, fitted with vertical handles in anthracite finish metal; combined with the Invisible Light Porcelain Stoneware top, 2 cm thick 6G60 profile and the Dark Steel top with washing area, 6 cm thick 2J profile. Tall larder units and tall appliance units with Pas Dosé pearl-effect matt lacquered doors, fitted with horizontal handles in anthracite finish metal; to the right tall units with Dark Steel frame and clear Stopsol glass doors.
Matera Grey matt glass with Iron Grey finish aluminium support - Oriental Decorative Melamine - Dark Steel finish Aluminium frame with Linear wire mesh
Ingo Black Fenix NTM® - Cuvée pearl-effect glossy lacquered - Cuvée pearl-effect glossy
Berry Oak SCAV 1000 veneered slat - Urban Gold SCAV 1002 Laminate
Heron Grey matt lacquered slat - Oriental Light SCAV 995 Decorative Melamine - Heron Grey SCAV 325 matt lacquered
Frame door with Linear and Round mesh for wall units
Setup system with sliding smoked glass door  
75 cm modularity  
Full-length glass and aluminium frame door for tall units  

Add colour to everyday life with Musa

Pecan Oak slat veneered, Pas Dosé pearl-effect matt lacquered and Dark Steel frame and clear Stopsol glass doors
Berry Oak slat veneered doors and Urban Gold laminate doors
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