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“Fluida” wall system

Tetrix Living

Tetrix. New style.
A few relevant features
adaptable colour DESIGN flat door glass international minimal Modern modular open space trendy young
Tetrix’s innovation and imagination extend to the realisation of exquisite living areas, styled for individual taste and space requirements.
Modules with doors, open-fronted units and special base elements, combined with desk tops, offer the potential for a never-ending range of solutions. 

Design by Michael Young

The modular elements (open-fronted units and modules with doors) of the "Fluida" wall system, which can also be used to create partitions, are attractively correlated to the kitchen’s functional areas. Generous modularity and adaptability to the most widely varying needs and situations.
Separate blocks feature in this living-area composition with “Fluida” Wall System, including open-fronted units and units with doors in Mink and Iron Grey gloss finish glass for the wall-unit block. The modular living-area base unit has Iron Grey and Prestige White gloss finish glass doors, while the structure is in Iron Grey decorative melamine.
Tetrix’s distinctive stylistic feature – horizontal bands of colour – combines attractively with the "Fluida" Wall System, and establishes the character of both the kitchen area (with Tetrix hood) and the living area, thanks to the alternation of glass doors and open-fronted modules. Creating both stylistic and spatial continuity.
Tetrix Living
Fluida Wall System
Fluida Wall System, Kitchen Module

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To adorn our models with style and flawless efficiency and to offer quality and durability, we carefully select every type of material.
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Tetrix Living