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A comfortable kitchen that is always tidy

A comfortable kitchen that is always tidy

Goodbye chaos: a practical guide on how to organise your kitchen and keep it tidy

Do you want to make life easier in the kitchen? Whether you are an experienced chef, a beginner or just a good cook, you will know that having the right accessories and keeping your kitchen clean and tidy is essential. We are talking about the most lived-in room in the home, so how can we organise it to make it more comfortable? With our tips, you’ll never want to leave the cooker again!

Decluttering: eliminate anything superfluous

The English term identifies a true philosophy of thought aimed at eliminating anything superfluous and focusing on your personal objectives. Applicable to every aspect of life, if we want to put ourselves in the chef’s shoes, this modus operandi also fits perfectly with the desire to tidy up a room.


So, how do we start in the kitchen? First of all, get rid of what you don’t need: open drawers and doors and throw away anything you don’t use or that you have forgotten about and left in a corner of the larder. If you simply can’t part with them, move the objects you use the least to the back, making room at the front for the items that you use every day.

Indispensable accessories: drawer partitions and containers

Do you have a bad habit of cramming things into drawers? Use partitions to organise the various kitchen objects logically. If there is not enough space, then why not put sealed containers in visible wall units or on cupboard shelves, which are two solutions offered by Favilla.


Another useful tip is to divide everything based on use and form compartments: for example, all the pasta on one side and seasoning kits, such as oils, herbs and spices, on the other. Furthermore, if the container is coloured, remember to label it so that you can instantly recognise its contents: the rule also applies to the cooking times of any food transferred into the containers.

Utensils always within easy reach

What utensils do you use the most in the kitchen? Hang them up on hooks attached to the shelves so that you can get them as needed: this will also embellish the walls, adding a modern touch.

Open fridge

We all dream of a well-equipped fridge full of good food, but be careful of waste! Food organisation also plays a key role in keeping the kitchen clean and tidy and preventing food from going bad.


Earlier we talked about drawer partitions, but you should know that there are also different types for the fridge: these, which are designed for fruit and vegetables for example, are used to arrange food logically, save valuable space and easily monitor expiry dates.

Worktop lighting

What’s cooking? Good lighting is absolutely essential in the kitchen: if natural light is scarce, install ceiling lights or wall lamps to keep everything under control at the hob.

Now you have all the tools to organise your kitchen: are you afraid that chaos will return at any moment? Make it a habit to always put objects back in place once you have used them and clean every corner of the room regularly.
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A comfortable kitchen that is always tidy