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A professional kitchen for “stellar dishes”?

A professional kitchen for “stellar dishes”?

The answer is Scavolini’s new MIA by Carlo Cracco kitchen

Have you ever been tempted by the desire (and have actually gone through with it) to make a good impression at the hob, pulling out the most unusual “work tools” or putting together the most daring dishes to tantalise the taste buds of your guests?

With the extra precious help of Carlo Cracco, we have managed to design the domestic version of the professional kitchen: you have Carlo Cracco’s word on it...and if he says so, then there’s no need to contradict him!

This major challenge has given rise to the ideal kitchen for would-be chefs, his ideal kitchen

Mia by Carlo Cracco is therefore the perfect solution for anyone dreaming of experiencing a genuine professional kitchen. This is now possible, by putting together one of the many configurations of this outstanding range and installing it at home, making your performance at the hob even more functional, within the most lived-in room of the home.

All the functions and features of a professional kitchen are now at your fingertips, providing all the vital ingredients for you finally to feel like a star in front of your nearest and dearest.


To start with, the workspaces need to be clearly visible to our audience, because this allows us to reveal all the magic behind a great dish, which is so much more than a simple combination of ingredients.

The steel worktop is a must for meticulous preparation in full compliance with hygiene standards; the added gem is the highly practical additional sliding top allowing the utmost freedom while keeping things neat and tidy (for fewer problems clearing up after the "show” is over!).


Also, any self-respecting workstation is topped by an appropriate hood (with high-tech features), making a styling statement but above all highly practical to use, both as a source of extraction and also as an additional area to store plates and kitchenware to keep within easy reach.
The extraction hood is definitely a must-have for cooking professionals. Specifically, the island hood - therefore free-standing - fitted above the hob extracts the smoke and cooking fumes directly as they are produced, having both a functional and a starring role in the kitchen environment. The hood “is extended” by a dish-rack which also works as a very useful storage element (notice the excellent combination of Dark Steel finish anodised aluminium used for the structure with the Steel and Clear Stopsol glass for the shelves!) and reflects the sleek composition simplicity already found in the island beneath it.

How could such a concentration of clean-cut shapes and professionalism not make you dream?


To make you feel even more at ease, the Chef suggested we kept comfort during “culinary tasks” in mind.

Hence the handles (in Brass, Dark Steel, Satin Finish Steel, because appearances also matter) which were specifically designed and placed horizontally on the base units and vertically on the tall units so doors and wall units can be opened with the utmost ease, and the recessed plinth to make your position more convenient when you’re preparing dishes.


Mia by Carlo Cracco è also a scenic kitchen: we are raising the curtain on the LINE SYSTEM project, a surprising modular system of wall panels interspersed by a profile, which can be teamed with several articles.

This project was immediately brought to life, as requested by Chef Cracco, best to exploit all spaces, including vertical ones: indeed, the accessory-holder bar makes it possible to use bottle racks, various types of containers, tablet shelves, shelf hooks, and ingredient bowls with covers, and so on, with the utmost practicality. The bowls are positioned at a particular slant, at the same angle as the one Cracco uses every day in his stellar temple.

Definitely a find!


Last but not least…

Certain innovative elements for your kitchen (again, suggested by Cracco!):
> base unit with pull-out chopping board, featuring a hole for food waste 
> knife rack to keep the tools of the trade in order
> latest-generation appliances with a sturdy and hard-wearing steel finish (e.g. vacuum drawer with new marinating function, food-warming lamp to keep dishes warm, etc.)

Our aim was to use technology to allow you to prepare “sophisticated” dishes for your table, every day. We hope we have succeeded...Enjoy cooking!


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A professional kitchen for “stellar dishes”?