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A super-equipped kitchen

A super-equipped kitchen

Modern, professional solutions to have everything within easy reach at all times.

Wall panels and accessorised walls, new projects and compositions offer the possibility of creating an attractive setting fitted with everything you need. Find out the practical, innovative elements affording surprising comfort that simplify your tasks in the kitchen and expand the horizon towards an integrated living room that satisfies your everyday requirements.  


The Kitchen Is "Mia"

It is the domestic version of the professional kitchen: Mia with its exclusive details offers “stellar” performance levels.

Such as the sliding Steel additional top on the workspace that makes the kitchen roomier and tidier, the Assistant base unit with pull-out multi-purpose top featuring a hole for food waste and the new Line System, designed best to exploit all vertical spaces and insert the slanted metal accessories, to have your recipe ingredients in view at all times. Everything you need to enjoy a complete culinary

The new "Mood"

The restyled Mood model embraces the latest domestic trends, focusing on ergonomics and flexibility. 

New solutions include the equipped island with integrated table, the peninsula composition with washing area fitted with practical drawers and baskets connected to the cooking area thanks to the breakfast bench and embellished by the presence of the "Setup" accessorised wall panel. 

The Mood project is completed by the integration with the "Fluida" Wall System and the "Metro" System that enhance the space, to become genuine links between the kitchen and the living room. Every solution offers a stand-out domestic space, a place where functionality and style coexist.

Always in "Motus"

They create the perfect link between the kitchen and the living area: equipped walls allow for endless configurations, for unprecedented open spaces without partitions. “Fluida” is the wall-mounted Wall System devised to design all sorts of solutions in space, thanks to the extensive range of elements and sizes available, along with sophisticated technological features. In the Motus project, it introduces composition variants marked by maximum creative freedom: from the open-fronted compartments alternating with wall units to the partition wall anchored to the ceiling, a communication element between the kitchen and the living room.

Surprising Proposals

Motus also offers the harmonious integration between the various workstations in the kitchen for cooking, washing and eating. For example, the peninsula fitted with a sink, with the snack breakfast bench, new-generation appliances and accessories, and the island that integrates certain must-have functions in a single element: hob and sink, pull-out baskets and drawers, and breakfast bench. Both solutions illustrate the new identity of the room where we work and live today.

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A super-equipped kitchen