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An all-Italian Living Room

An all-Italian Living Room

Living rooms and living areas that reflect Italian style and taste. Living room furniture surrounds the home with colourful solutions and unique silhouettes.

Embrace the Italian taste by incorporating new colours, sleek shapes and versatile modules to define the space and enjoy moments of relaxation at home. Scavolini’s Italian living room proposals enhance the furnishing concept for living rooms “Made in Italy” thanks to fresh, artistic combinations. For a lively and engaging display of home design to share and hold on to!

Colors up!

When you think of furniture for an Italian living room, of the “Made in Italy” style of composition, what springs to mind are... all kinds of unexpected design proposals!


Bringing a living room with Italian quality and taste into the home means carefully choosing the materials and combining the colours, finishes and elements to achieve exactly what you desire in a truly original way.


Effective craftsmanship allows you to create something special and unique every time. This also includes using new and trendy colours.


Our trend is not to follow trends, but to create solutions that never go out of fashion.

Sleek details

A Margherita pizza, the Colosseum in Rome and Brunelleschi’s dome of the Florence cathedral: what do they have in common? A study of the eternal shape that still leads the way today. Scavolini’s Italian living rooms evoke the ancient splendours of our history of art, encompassing high quality materials certified “Made in Italy”.


Elegance comes in the form of new and classic shapes, unusual combinations and trendy, timeless components. The features of our living rooms mirror a style that captures the most intimate moments in the home, conveying a passion for beauty that is reflected in the Good Life and in complete relaxation, to be experienced with our compositions for the living area.


Whether it is the cabinet for the living room where memories and cherished objects can be kept, the TV composition that attracts attention with its subtle alternation of colours and material sensations or the dressers that emphasise small, large living spaces, then the answer is always the same: Italian living room furniture, 100% certified “Made in Italy”.

Modular versatility


In the living room, furnishing requirements are becoming increasingly personal and sophisticated. This need has led to the creation of proposals for Scavolini’s living room, made up of combinable modules. Our wall systems showcase furnishing choices with an Italian taste, whether modern or classic in style. The outcome will always be unique, the result of original choices and materials of certified “Made in Italy” quality.


The combinable proposals for the living room, to be wall-mounted or placed in the middle of the room, demonstrate a stylistic perfection that creates space for open-fronted compartments and compartments with bottom-hinged flap doors, but also for design elements and pull-out baskets. The key is to define the setting while optimising its functionality, in a sense that breathes new life into the richness of masterful Italian-inspired architecture.

Design & Style
An all-Italian Living Room