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Bathroom plants

Bathroom plants

Keep these plants in your bathroom

What kind of oasis would your bathroom be without some moisture-loving plants? Indeed, house plants aren’t just for the lounge or kitchen - they can also transform your bathroom interiors, making them homier and more welcoming. So which plants thrive on moisture? Let’s find out a little more about the best bathroom plants!

Choosing the right bathroom plants

When it comes to plants that thrive in the bathroom, remember to focus on flowers and species that appreciate and flourish from living in humid environments with little light. Here are some fantastic options to keep in mind.


Aloe Vera

A firm favourite among succulent house plants, Aloe Vera stands out with its tapered, pointy leaves, packed with juice with soothing and rebalancing properties. This healing plant requires little watering and refuses exposure to direct sunlight, making bathrooms with poor light a compatible habitat.



Devoid of flowers or fruits, ferns purify the air, adapting perfectly to very humid environments which are often dimly lit, like bathrooms. It is no coincidence that they grow spontaneously in rainforests.


Golden Pothos

An evergreen climbing plant, the Golden Pothos is one of the most popular house plants: thanks to its purifying action and easy care, it is a good fit for the bathroom even, where it creates a delightful green waterfall on top of a vanity cabinet.



With its innate elegance, the orchid is a graceful adornment even for a small second bathroom. It loves the warmth and needs to keep its roots moist, benefiting from your hot showers after work.

When to place plants in your bathroom

On the ground or in plain sight on a shelf? Even if you have limited floor space, you can still add plants to your bathroom by making use of the vertical wall: open-fronted elements and pot hangers will be your best allies to decorate your bathroom with plants without taking up precious space on your vanity cabinet or on the floor.

Climbing house plants such as the Golden Pothos or the Devil’s Vine are actually ideal to create a fantastic floating garden and add a touch of green without cluttering up your bathroom.

Bathroom plants