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Change of wardrobe, you don’t scare me!

Change of wardrobe, you don’t scare me!

How do you build the perfect space for everything? Here are a few useful tips for you.

The change of season inevitably means its time to change your wardrobe. We say goodbye and put away the last of the lighter clothes that we’ve kept at hand for the warmer days, and kick off that crucial time of the year when we actually realise what it means to have a perfectly organised space for our clothes, accessories and underwear.

How much easier is it to manage everything properly while avoiding unnecessary wastes of time, which we all know is precious in this day and age? An indispensable feature. That is why it is so important to know how to design a walk-in wardrobe or wardrobe cabinet that suits your needs, so as to optimise not only your time, but also your space!

The stress-free choice

Finally, the time has come to choose and buy the wardrobe cabinet or walk-in wardrobe you have been dreaming about. You may find yourself with a house that has already been furnished and want to add it at a later date, after having discovered how many advantages and how much less stress it can give you.

Or maybe you’re designing your house now, and after the last change of wardrobe, you realised that you won’t be able to live for the next few years without a well-equipped wardrobe.
In both cases you will need to consider the size of the room in which it will be fitted and its type so that it matches the look of the other elements in the house.

Question of doors

The wardrobe niche can be closed by hinged or sliding full-height doors in a wide range of finishes and colours. Alternatively it can be left completely open to keep everything handy, making access easier and giving the bedroom the allure of a boutique.

The two types can also be mixed, with visible compartments to create lively and super-customised solutions, where everything is on show and neat and tidy, to make even the top influencers envious!

A glimpse inside

Try to think of anything you can use to make your dream of a wardrobe, in which you can sort everything by type of garment, colour and season, come true. The whole range of equipment and accessories that can be fitted into the wardrobe, such as shelves, hangers, storage drawers, baskets and sliding systems, which until yesterday seemed like utopia, makes this possible.

Thanks to the flexibility of being able to shape the structures according to your needs, you can create a “world” designed to house each individual object.

And one for the structure

The walk-in wardrobe can create linear, corner or bay solutions. It is a complete and functional modular system with load-bearing side panel, which can also be adapted to the size and features of the room.
One example is the versatile “Fluida” Wall system, a furnishing element for the kitchen and living room, in a new version that also creates continuity with the bedroom for an impeccable total look. Available in five finishes: Pure White, Seagull Grey, Iron Grey, Garden Walnut and Nuance Larch, for multiple interpretations of the wardrobe.



Now are you ready for the change of wardrobe? For any advice or recommendations, please contact a Scavolini dealer.

Change of wardrobe, you don’t scare me!