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Furnish with green

Furnish with green

The basic rules for creating green corners in your home

Indoor plants, real items of furniture, have a fundamental role in making the room harmonious and pleasant to live in.
As spring arrives one wants to surround oneself with lots of green, even at home.

The most common indoor plants are originally from the tropics. It is important to know that they like lots of humidity and light.

How to place them

Take into account your furnishings, the proportions of the rooms, the colours and above all find the best place and light in order to have thriving ornamental plants.

Group together those which have common characteristics: with spotted leaves, metallic green or light green? Do they have the same size or shape?
Or else create a variegated and harmonious whole by placing together different species.

Where to place them

The basic factor is that they have the same requirements for light and heat.
One of the main reasons they fail to thrive is either lack of light or too much light.
Since the most common indoor plants are originally from the tropics (ferns, ficus, dracaenas…) it is important to know that they like lots of humidity and light.
They must therefore be placed in light areas, but away for direct sources of heat, so as not to burn the leaves.
The best place is near to the window.

The best rooms are the living room, study and kitchen; whilst entrance halls and corridors are not very suitable as they are generally darker areas.
In the kitchen, of course, herbs go well: basil, rosemary, sage and mint which also make the room smell fragrant.

Question of walls

Some valuable advice is contained in "Arredare con il verde. Piante e fiori in casa" (Furnish with green. Plants and flowers in the home) by Giuseppe M. Jonghi Lavarini and Patrizia Colombo.
If the house wall colour is dark, it is better to choose plants with light and delicate foliage like ferns. On the other hand, if the walls are light or white – which reflects a lot of light – it will be an excellent background for very variegated or intensely green plants.
For rooms which have highly decorated wallpaper, choose plants with simple leaves and a delicate apple–green colour, like Asplenium nidus.

On holiday

It is one matter for succulents which can be placed in any cool, dry room in the house, where there is plenty of natural light, even direct light.
It is no problem to leave them “alone” for a few days.
Whilst for indoor plants, when thinking of summer holidays, it is best, if possible, to choose somewhere north facing, positioning them in a cool place, so that their need for water is reduced.

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Furnish with green