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Furnishing a small living room with a modern style

Furnishing a small living room with a modern style

A short guide for a compact living area

Furnishing a small living room may pose a challenge, but with the right combination of furniture, even the most limited spaces can be transformed into modern and welcoming lounges. So here is a guide with some practical tips for furnishing a small living room with a modern style, using creativity and attention to detail.

Pale, neutral hues

Picking a palette of pale, neutral hues is essential to make the room appear bigger. Go for colours like white, beige, light grey or pastel shades, in order to allow natural light to seep in and create a sense of aperture.


Are you too much of a fan of bright colours to do without them? Splashes of colour can be added in the form of furnishings: from abstract posters to minimal ornaments, choose accessories with a contemporary allure, which mirror your personality.

Lightweight space-saving furniture

How do you decorate a small yet welcoming sitting room? Aim high. Again with a view to making the living room appear bigger, we suggest you make the most of all the height, opting for wall-mounted systems, shelves and bookcases instead of massive pieces of furniture which would take up most of the room.

As for the sofa, in a small living room a couch with a storage compartment or a designer armchair could be clever ways to maximise the available space without compromising on a convenient TV station.


It is a well-known fact that mirrors are a great way to make a room appear bigger and brighter. Hang a large mirror on a strategic wall to reflect the natural light and create the optical illusion of more space. You could also pick some furniture or accessories with a mirror effect to embellish your modern living room.


Central suspension or spotlights? Lighting also plays an essential role in decorating a small living room, helping to create a delightful atmosphere. Depending on the layout of your living room, assess where to position the lights to light the room evenly, always preferring wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted solutions rather than floor lamps to optimise the limited space available.

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Furnishing a small living room with a modern style