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How to furnish a small sitting room

How to furnish a small sitting room

Furnishing a mini living room using your creativity. Focus on versatile compositions for small sitting rooms.


In some homes, it’s in the attic or down in the basement, in other it’s along a corridor, sometimes even in front of French windows or in a small dedicated room. These days, sitting room furniture needs to adapt to spaces which were once unused and have been redesigned and conceived to accommodate your time to unwind, either alone or with company. There is definitely no shortage of solutions on how to furnish a small sitting room and they have been designed specifically to put together immersive and welcoming living rooms. Let’s see some together!




Small spaces, plenty of relaxation

When the available space is limited, there are plenty of creative solutions to help you understand how to furnish a small sitting room and exploit every available square centimetre. A detailed analysis of the space before you begin to plan the furniture will help you create your ideal living room furniture, using original and customisable compositions. Balance can therefore be achieved among the elements of the composition, carefully assessing which parts of the room should be accentuated: if the sitting room furniture has to communicate closely with other rooms in the home, then finishes need to recall the remainder of the furniture and/or at least be in the same colours. This will make the relaxation area appear bigger without weighing down on the overall look.


If a room or a corner can be dedicated to your living room composition, then opt for relaxing hues or, on the contrary, bright and lively colours to emphasise the unique characteristics of the sitting room.

Space for clever ideas

Like everything attractive, sitting room furniture can be quite surprising if you open up your mind to unusual and unexpected solutions. Sometimes, the most successful compositions exploit non-standard, irregular spaces, which can blend in with the room as if they had always been there, just like an artist’s brush-strokes add colour to their canvas. After all, if the room is miniature-sized, then imagination, creativity and inspiration have to get to work!


In irregular spaces, make way for non-geometric living room furniture, distinguished by alternating textures and colours that stand out on open-fronted monobloc elements and spacious containers that optimise every spare centimetre.


The Flux Swing Living rooms incorporate modular solutions in fluid compositions, devised for multifarious spaces. The relaxation corner, which should be designed in keeping with the study or kitchen - to name but a few examples - is ideal for unconventional compositions from multiple perspectives. For an all-encompassing concept of the setting that embraces all styles and needs!

Day & Night

There are living rooms that not only include a small sitting room, but also anticipate different requirements, which coexist in the same room.

With BoxLife, the creative ideas for the relaxation area accommodate different functions and uses, to be modified in one gesture according to need. The furnishing elements play with ultra-compact sliding doors, which allow you to transform the sitting room into a study corner, or a dining area or kitchenette in one swift move. The living area can even become a welcoming slumber area in a few minutes! A transformation of the settings which embody the very soul of modern contemporary life, and which is constantly supplemented with new inspirations.

The Formalia offering reveals an attention to versatility that is totally immersed in current trends and needs, extending the definition of living room furniture beyond its conventional boundaries, in an unwavering pursuit of elegance and multi-functionality.

What is a must-have essential in your relaxation area? Find out how to furnish a small sitting room at Scavolini dealers.

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How to furnish a small sitting room