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How to furnish your living room and dining room together

How to furnish your living room and dining room together

Tips for matching your dining area furniture with your relaxation area, creating functional, comfortable and designer spaces

There was a time when every room in the home had a specific function which delimited its borders. One of the essential characteristics defining traditional domestic spaces lies in this very distribution, sometimes quite clear, not just dividing the living room from the bedrooms, but also the living room, the kitchen and the dining area. As perspectives and lifestyles have changed, these barriers have been overcome as the years go by, in the name of a more seamless contemporary look. Interiors and design, faithful mirrors of lifestyle habits and changes in society, are increasingly geared towards total-look solutions devised for homes to be set up according to the renewed needs of modern life. Let’s begin with solutions to furnish the sitting room and the dining room together to obtain harmonious results that are in keeping with your desires. Is there anything more attractive?

Space for contemporary life

Let’s go even further: furnishing the sitting room and the dining room together is an option that generates harmony, elegance and is certainly on-trend when it comes to interior design. The main objective is to retain stylistic continuity in spaces organised in open-plan layouts, which converge in one another without distinction. With regard to style, there are no limits: industrial, contemporary, classic or country, uniform and concurrently creative settings can be created to suit all tastes.

A large room with a minimalist spirit can be organised with the insertion of a table and chairs for the dining area to match an industrially-inspired equipped wall which, while occupying a whole wall, leaves ample scope for the composition. The “Metro” Wall System is extremely versatile and can easily be incorporated into various configurations, as can be seen in this other composition of the LiberaMente model.

Comfort with a more traditional soul

Equipped walls are an excellent way to furnish the living room and the dining room together. Another example is the “Fluida” Wall System which stands out for the extreme modularity of the elements and the precious connecting function between various areas of the home. With its very presence, the Carattere kitchen becomes one with the dining area and the living area, affording the feeling of utter freedom and practicality. The frame doors on the more traditionally styled base units are the perfect match for the linearity of the living room furniture, in a synergy of highly charming elements (pages 42-46 of the Carattere catalogue)

The processing on the frame door returns in the furniture of a decidedly more classic sitting room such as Madeleine. The motif defines the style of the base units and wall units in the wall-mounted composition, accompanied by the presence of a dining area with a table and chairs, a soft rug as well as accessories designed for a room featuring all the modern comforts.

Industrial living

When the available space is not an issue, several areas with different intended uses can be organised in a single room. A remarkably industrial-style dining area and living room furniturewith a contemporary twist could therefore envisage a lunch corner with a large sociable island and stools for a quick lunch and a corner set aside for relaxation, in which to arrange sofas and armchairs, coffee tables and everything you need to feel at home at all times.

The decision to furnish the sitting room and the dining room together is the perfect option for any style and design: what’s yours?

How to furnish your living room and dining room together