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L-shaped kitchens: tips for perfect compositions

L-shaped kitchens: tips for perfect compositions

Practical solutions that make the most of the space and offer visually surprising emotions.

Functional and “enveloping” enough, corner kitchens are compositions that never go out of fashion.
What are the good reasons for choosing them? Let’s discover them together, to create a customised and custom-sized kitchen.

When the space beckons, the L-shaped kitchen responds

A combination of aesthetics and practicality, the layout of L-shaped units makes it possible to create a beautiful and comfortable kitchen even in a small space.

Just look at the Easy line solutions completely dedicated to making life easy for those who have to design the setting in a few centimetres. In this configuration of the Urban Minimal kitchen, the cooking and washing areas are well-distributed on both sides, while the base units and wall units with doors in the White glossy lacquered version are used for storage. The decorative melamine open-fronted wall units, that furnish upwards with discretion and contemporary mood, provide movement and lightness.

Even in the Colony solution, with its more traditional style thanks to the cornices and slatted decoration of the doors, everything is in place and at hand to offer welcoming and practical sensations.

Maximum integration, for maximum containment

Besides being excellent space-saving solutions, L-shaped kitchens offer all the scenic appeal in large rooms where you can unleash your compositional imagination.

A sophisticated possibility of clean-cut shapes is to insert most of the food preparation activities in line with a compositional variety of wall units and shelves, combining side cabinets which would otherwise give a greater sense of compactness and homogeneity.

The Carattere kitchen can also be used in solutions that evoke a more classic style. Like in this version (on the left) defined by the special custom shaping of wall units, doors and cabinets that also in this solution furnish the smallest wall with elegance and style.
While the central block with built-in marble hob (composition on the right), equipped back panel and large vintage hood plays a primary role.

One kitchen, many kitchens

It is more than a corner kitchen: for this reason we would like to introduce you to this Diesel Open Workshop solution that offers extreme flexibility and modularity of its elements.
A diversified system of blocks, even separate ones like the one with burners, legs and plates of clearly industrial inspiration. Large areas with the top to create any type of preparation area and the washing area that ends with simple and minimal three-door cabinets.
The wall units make room for the Stock Rack System, another furnishing module capable of generating infinite compositional possibilities.

Have you fallen in love with L-shaped kitchens? Discover all of the models you can create in the Kitchens section and contact your nearest dealer!


L-shaped kitchens: tips for perfect compositions