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Living room furniture on one wall or two? You choose!

Living room furniture on one wall or two? You choose!

A living room custom-sized to your needs can be created in both configurations, thanks to the ample modularity of the models.

Living rooms can be independent or they can communicate with the kitchen. They can be extremely understated or on the contrary feature more complex structures, while still taking up just one wall. Or they can become tiny universes with different functions placed between two walls. In all these cases, the living room furniture offers maximum customisation and flexibility.

Simplicity on a wall

The taste for simplicity is also and above all reflected in the places we inhabit. Whether the living room is large or small does not matter. What matters is that the furniture isn’t over the top, and leaves room for minimal elegance. A handful of elements, distributed along the wall, accommodate the need to have an equipped wall with understated appeal. As is the case of this Mood wall-mounted living room (photo at the top), where style is everything.


A super-equipped wall

Bookcase, wall units, space for the TV and a discrete floor-standing base unit, fitted with practical drawers. This structure of the Motus Living room collection (photo at the bottom) adorns an entire wall with a variety of moduleswhich accommodate different needs and purposes, built-in together by a load-bearing side panel. For those who don’t have that much space available and don’t want to forgo anything!


Multi-tasking space

The possibility of creating an L-shaped living room furniture layout means it is possible to include elements in continuity. In this Foodshelf living room configuration, the variety of modules that the project designed by Ora-ïto offers is expressed in all the explosive imaginative abilities. The variegated composition extends onto the adjoining wall, with a wall-mounted base unit equipped with a snack top or desk, depending on requirements and on the time of day, transforming the room into a dining area, an office or a place to relax in!


Games of style

Enveloping, high impact, leaving nothing to fate. The LiberaMente living room is mesmerising owing to its ability to afford a sense of profound intimacy, with the structure developed across two walls, impressive and at the same time dynamic. Here, the game of partially “see-through” sliding doors in the “Fluida” Wall System, which slide along tracks, makes objects, books, a TV if need be or the desire to have fun with our favourite feature appear and disappear as we see fit.


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Living room furniture on one wall or two? You choose!