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Rationalise space

Rationalise space

Furnish your living area creatively!

Before choosing the furniture for your living room, a few aspects should be considered first: how much space you have, which are the trendiest colours and the finest materials, and so forth. This article aims to offer you a guideline for making the best possible choice!
The prevailing trend nowadays seeks to merge the kitchen and living areas into a single environment, as we have increasingly smaller spaces at our disposal. Furnishing a living room with plenty of space available may seem child's play compared to furnishing a far more compact space ... but don't lose heart, Scavolini will help you to find the right solution for any environment! Here are a few ideas.

Do you have an open space or an environment specifically reserved for the living room? In any case, you can rationalise space by implementing some of our proposals



Do you want a living room that adequately reflects your commitments and desires? Go for a single room combining the relaxation area and the study/work corner. The resulting solution will be both elegant and practical, similarly to the adjacent composition.
Adopt a single composition for uniting all of your family's passions: television, radio, books, photographs and plants ...You'll have everything on hand in a practical wall-mounted composition full of character!
The use of open units, back panels and shelves for constructing equipped wall panels to furnish the living area allows for creating extremely functional and striking compositions. In a single solution, especially when you have little space at your disposal, discard bookcases and sideboards and add the most sophisticated home entertainment systems.

When the kitchen opens onto the living area, you can decide whether to match up the two rooms or create completely different environments, by combining totally contrasting colours.
Same materials and colours for a single furnishing project in which the  living room composition connects to the cabinets of the kitchen to create continuity in space.

Some other tips for compact spaces?

> Use neutral colours for walls and stronger shades for furnishings and accessories
> A mirror reflects the light and gives the impression of a much larger space
> A two-seater sofa can be paired with an armchair to be used for seating guests or as a seat for the study/work corner
> Fewer objects lying around the room create less confusion!

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Rationalise space