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The bathroom designed by Diesel and Scavolini

The bathroom designed by Diesel and Scavolini

The main “Diesel touch” features in the bathroom collection

This is Diesel, and you can tell: Diesel Open Workshop and Misfits Bathroom are the two bathroom collections created from Scavolini’s partnership with Diesel Living, a brand with an irreverent soul that has transferred and reintroduced a few typical kitchen elements into the room dedicated to well-being, achieving the right compromise between domestic functionality and exclusive style. So what is Diesel touch? Let’s find out together what the main features of the entire collection are!

An industrial feel melted into the glass…

An industrial style marks both of the brand’s collections, which are expressed through an explicit and metropolitan language.


In line with this strong personality is definitely the use of glass, presented with entirely innovative custom shaping: Ribbed and Smoky Glass for the Diesel Open Workshop, Soft Industrial Glass, Soft Steel and Bronze for the Misfits Bathroom line, unique effects shown off by the frame door, wall units, shelves and cabinets.

Framing this collection are the large mirrors designed by Diesel with LED lights to ensure the utmost visibility, like the rectangular Square Lunar, and with an original opening system, like the Lunar Stock mirror, to provide a perfect hiding place for beauty and personal care products.

Another distinguishing trait of the Diesel Open Workshop model is the large copper-effect Stopsol mirror panels, which can be used as wall panelling or as a backdrop to the bathroom cabinet. Wow effect guaranteed!


...and drawn out in the details

The Diesel touch can also be seen in the choice of details, which emphasise the industrial twist given to the range, defining a bathroom collection that is never understated and is just waiting to be discovered.


One of the most striking features is the corner or linear plaque with a stud and “mesh” effect texture, available in Bronze or Soft Steel finish, fitted into the thickness of the top as a true style signature.


towel rail designed by Diesel in the Diesel Open Workshop line as a swivel tube for both the washbasin and bidet, which can also be used as a floor-standing partition, and in the Misfits Bathroom model as a side or wall-mounted support, offering the utmost practicality and contemporary design.

Unique storage spaces

Remember how we told you about Diesel Living’s desire to inherit some of the kitchen cabinets and put them in the bathroom under a new perspective?


Namely, two types are proposed and borrowed to house the washbasin: the Misfit CART and Misfit CHEST monoblocs, which respectively take on the shapes of the cart and cupboard designed with the Diesel Social Kitchen model.


The elements not only evoke the silhouettes of the iconic kitchen cabinets, but also reflect their functionality, offering ample space to store clean linen, accessories and all other typical bathroom objects.

In general, the two collections feature various storage cabinets with compositions that also benefit from the heights.

Have you been infected by the Diesel mood too? Ask your Scavolini dealer for a closer look at these bathrooms!
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The bathroom designed by Diesel and Scavolini