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The kitchen with an industrial twist

The kitchen with an industrial twist

Diesel Open Workshop: for a home with a metropolitan style

The kitchen just like a workshop organised in several functional areas distinguished by various languages and materials.
A stylistic approach capable of merging and enhancing shapes, functionality, vintage spirit with contemporary styling. Impeccable care for details, which makes up the genuine personality of this kitchen: the profiles of the handles incorporated into the door,  the frame of the doors themselves and of the shelves, the feet and the corner elements, designed to lend the system a unique appearance.

Diesel Open Workshop is a multifarious project for varying tastes, from pure industrial to contemporary and “sophisticated”.
For an absolutely evocative furnishing system, styling that goes far beyond passing tastes and cultures. An innovative and dynamic view of the room at the heart of every home. The light weight and the wealth of details make this kitchen 100% “Diesel” yet concurrently a classic that can suit a multitude of tastes. Especially for those who have a strong personality and wish to express it throughout their home.

Design reveals the soul, the colours, the vocation

Beauty never just arises by accident, especially when it is revealed in its simplicity. Indeed, in this particular composition it can be found in the meeting point between the taste of “old world” objects with a new sense of interpretation: a new way of illustrating shapes and things.

The Mineral Green version of this composition is an example of how a colour code, applied to the same project, can reveal entirely different universes of style. Matt lacquered door and Ribbed Glass for minimal contemporary taste… just the thing for contemporary settings.

Total Black, total style

Dark tones and warm hues dominate the entire composition and clads the setting with a “strong elegance”.

An interesting element of this total black versioni is the Stock Rack System, an unprecedented open-fronted wall-mounted system designed  by Diesel: here, it is equipped with tube, frame and shelves in Bronze finish, combined with glass shelves with Smoky Glass finish black mesh. The Bronze finish is even used for painted elements of worktop and washing area.
To complete this composition, the small display cabinet, embellished by an internal vertical Velo Led light, which creates a decidedly elegant visual effect.

Design & Style
The kitchen with an industrial twist