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The living room? A classic!

The living room? A classic!

Ideas and solutions to furnish the living room in classic style with a contemporary touch.

Integrated or independent from the kitchen, classic living rooms can convey a variety of moods, whether their inhabitants opt for prestigious style, achieved using sophisticated materials and prized finishes, or whether they prefer a warmer and more traditional country chic look. Let’s look at three different living room furniture solutions together.

Luxury design

Leather clads the cabinet doors and consoles, Swarovski® crystals embellish the handles, large mirrors adorn the walls: these are all elements that define an exclusive, luxury living room.
The Exclusiva range of furniture invites us to enter a world of extreme sophistication, to be arranged also according to the kitchen model from the same collection.

Several solutions that light up their surroundings with golden finishes, Stopsol wall panels, pale, neutral colours which combine with a contemporary design that packs these compositions with modern charm.

Total look with a modern twist

Traditional motifs revisited with a modern aesthetic twist create young and trendy spaces. This is how total look settings come to be, in which to share every moment of sociability and relaxation.

For the living room, the Sax project features a frame door in Land Oak decorative melamine combined with Mink matt lacquered tops, wall panel and wall unit and Nantese Orange open-fronted elements, which create a warm and pleasant blend and can be customised according to everyday needs.

New Classic

A soft, classic style, which is expressed through natural materials and details, such as the pale wood of Butter Ash, featuring a country feel, or a more intense, retro finish such as Antique Walnut, can be found in the Madeleine model.

The elegant and familiar wood finishes, combined with antique finish Gold finish cup handles and the delicate decorations of the decorative elements all contribute towards a welcoming look.
Base units and wall units in the “soft” version with a rounded frame or the “line” version with a more squared and understated shape strike the perfect balance to put together living areas with a romantic mood, packed with atmosphere.

Which style of classic living room most suits your home and tastes? Find out in our section dedicated to Living room designs!

The living room? A classic!