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The new-look Lagu bathroom

The new-look Lagu bathroom

Here’s how we have restyled the Lagu model, a bright and welcoming bathroom

Have you recently renovated your bathroom and are unsure how to furnish it? The Lagu model has also had a make-over, while retaining all its distinguishing features, the vertical slanted handle grip first and foremost. Are you curious about the other distinctive traits of this bathroom collection? Allow us to inspire you!

Bathroom with built-in handle

If you’re a fan of handle-free cabinets then you’re in the right place: the entire Lagu collection, designed by Castiglia Associati, features a handle built into the doors, arranged vertically and with a slanted cut. You’ll find this graphic detail in all the collection’s wall units and tall units, which are available in the glossy and matt lacquered version - a must-have for any bathroom composition ad customisable with various lines of accessories.

A tidy bathroom at all times

Are you looking for useful and modern accessories? Look no further: the Lagu collection leaves nothing to chance, as it offers accessories designed to simplify all everyday tasks. For instance, have you ever thought of hanging the soap dish just above the washbasin? Even if they are often underestimated, accessories such as the soap dish contribute towards decorating the bathroom, even adding an extravagant touch if you pick them in the right shapes and materials.


What if we told you that the dispenser can be moved closer to your creams, lotions and everyday beauty essentials? This is possible thanks to the Magneto accessories, which adhere to the mirror impeccably, allowing you to create unique compositions every time.

If you would rather make best use of the wall, instead of the surface of the mirror, then opt for the Stripe line or New Line, which comprise towel rails and soap dishes featuring a minimal design. What if you want your day cream to remain within easy reach? Simply place it next to some scented candles or room fragrances on the Useful sliding tray.

… and also well organised

Other vital accessories for an impeccable bathroom include organizers, included in the Lagu model to adapt to the size of the drawer so you can make the best use of every centimetre in the bathroom, neatly organising your lipsticks, aftershave/perfume and hair styling products. Ask our dealers about our Onda drawer and basket accessories!

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The new-look Lagu bathroom