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The perfect larder

The perfect larder

How to organise your larder with kitchen organizers

Does opening the larder and immediately finding what you’re looking for, without having to rifle through dozens of open pasta packets and tins of tuna and jars of pasta sauce sound like a dream to you? Scavolini makes it possible! In this article, we’ve put together some ideas to organise your larder in a smart, efficient and stylish way. Follow our tips to keep your food neat and tidy at all times!

The magic of kitchen organizers

When it comes to organising your larder impeccably, we cannot stress how important it is to have larder units or kitchen cabinets designed specifically for this purpose. But that’s not enough: Scavolini elevates organisation to a veritable lifestyle, integrating pull-out containers, shelving purpose-devised for herbs and spices and other accessories directly into the inner structure of its cabinets.


Imagine being able to grab that packet of pasta or the salt pot in the blink of an eye, without having to move anything: that’s what’s so magical about our kitchen organizers for your larder.

Jars: the perfect larder allies

Another secret to a tidy larder is to use jars, which you should choose according to what you’re storing: which are the most versatile? Glass jars: easy to wash, suitable for all food, anti-moisture and environmentally-friendly. Did you ever consider that by using jars you’re also reducing packaging?

Before you fill them with flour, sugar, cereal or pasta, it’s a good idea to clean and disinfect your jars, labelling them with the contents and expiry date. This not only helps keep food fresh for longer, but also to make your larder visually impactful while making everything easily identifiable.

What a larder should contain on top of food

Do you usually sweep the floor at the end of a meal? Do you always leave your kitchen spotless before you go to bed? A larder, and consequently a tidy kitchen, requires a shelf or a drawer dedicated to frequently used small appliances or household cleaning products.

Do you need more tips to declutter and free up space on your work surfaces? Visit our website or a Scavolini dealer to find out more about our innovative household solutions. Your perfect larder awaits!

The perfect larder