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There’s much more behind the sink

There’s much more behind the sink

Tips and inspiration to choose the backsplash, a must-have element to fit behind the workstations with care - and in time. To cook trouble-free!

The English name for it is so cool, backsplash, the kitchen element which in Italian is commonly referred to as a spray-guard, the wall covering that protects the wall behind the workstations dedicated to washing and cooking. It can be the size of an upstand or wall panel, or it can take up the entire wall: customers are simply spoilt for choice, and should not underestimate its importance to define their style in the kitchen, or to restyle one. Whether you want to call it a backsplash or a spray-guard, let’s look at a few models together!


Freedom with style

In the Diesel Open Workshop kitchen, where the space is open-plan, the furniture is free-style: the kitchen can be broken down and put back together, thus assigning different cabinets various functions. The traditional peninsula composition with a breakfast counter is combined with a console with sinks: elements that have been specifically designed to be “free-standing”.

Everything within easy reach

The wall behind the kitchen can be left “naked and bare” or be equipped to act as a convenient and practical element to rest utensils and more. This is the case of Line System, a surprising modular system of wall panels interspersed by a profile, which can be teamed with several articles to compose one’s Mia by Carlo Cracco kitchen according to one’s mood. This way, all the surfaces are best exploited, including the vertical ones: in fact Line System makes it possible to use bottle racks, various types of containers, tablet shelves, shelf hooks, and ingredient bowls with covers, and so on, with the utmost practicality.

Hard-wearing like steel

The use of metal surfaces is also satisfactory and affords the utmost appeal: stainless steel, which is unchanging and hygienic, is definitely what ensures superior resistance when facing, or rather backing, everyday culinary tasks!
Nevertheless, less common choices can also be made, such as brass, copper and unrefined iron, for those who won’t let go of the idea that a material can “age” and change with time.

Natural seamless charm

Natural stones define a sophisticated style and offer enormous styling possibilities. From classic marble, to Pietra d’Iseo Ceppo Stoneware, depending on the type of kitchen, its beauty is emphasised even further when applied to the back or as the top of the kitchen itself, for a surprising and truly charming total look effect.

Decorative elements

Bright surfaces are the right allies to amplify space. The use of mirrors and glass multiplies light in the kitchen, creating smooth, compact and highly polished surfaces. Transparent glass can also work to protect the wall, whether in exposed brick, paint or wallpaper.
The latter, which has undergone huge evolutions in recent years, can also have an independent backsplash solution, thanks to cutting-edge versions which afford it outstanding resistance, especially to moisture.

Tiling with elegance

When it comes to wall tiling and a kitchen backsplash, there is a huge variegated world of solutions that create the most diverse effects, depending on the materials, the shapes and the dimensions. Tiles can either be small or large, plain coloured, with three-dimensional surfaces, mosaic format, ornate such as cement tiles, with geometric or floral patterns, or with a concrete, stone, marble or metal effect.

They can also match the colour of the kitchen or become a distinguishing feature to decorate and create original textures, to suit individual styles. 


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There’s much more behind the sink