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What to put on your dining room table

What to put on your dining room table

Original ideas to embellish your dining room table

The table plays the undisputed starring role of any dining room: it’s where your nearest and dearest gather round, to share a delicious meal or a cup of tea and a biscuit. But what should you put on the table once you’ve cleared it? If you’re a fan of centrepieces, then don’t miss out on these tips to embellish your dining room table.

A flower arrangement

Is there anything better than the delightful fragrance released by fresh cut flowers as you walk in the door? Once you’ve picked a designer vase, in transparent glass or colourful ceramic, sinuously shaped or with a singular appearance, the first tip to adorn the centre of your dining table is a fragrant arrangement of your favourite blooms. If you’re worried you won’t look after them properly or replace them regularly, you could always opt for artificial flowers, provided they are in keeping with the season or the festivities: in this case gerbera daisies in spring and gypsophila with red berries in winter.


If you love candles and the magical atmosphere they create, you can use your dining room table to let your creativity loose for the most beautiful centrepiece ever. To succeed in this endeavour, we recommend you focus on the shape of the candles (how about spiral shaped candles?) and on the majestic allure of candelabras: when choosing them, always remember to use your dining room furniture style for reference.

A table runner

Do you need to cover up a damaged table top? A table runner is a discrete solution that’ll do the trick: made of light or heavy material depending on the time of year, it covers and concurrently decorates the table, also working as a small tablecloth for a quick round of cocktails with friends.

A tray

It might seem strange to you, but have you ever thought of placing a decorative tray in the middle of the table? It can house small everyday items, such as the remote control to watch your favourite TV series, or your collectibles, like the figurine you bought during your last trip abroad. In short, using a tray will not only add value to your dining room table, it will also come in handy to gather your household items you care most about.

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What to put on your dining room table