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Lacquered bathroom

Lacquered bathroom

Glossy and matt bathroom cabinets: lacquered finishes for a modern bathroom

When we think of a bathroom, pictures of anonymous, cold and sterile settings often spring to mind. But how about a modern lacquered bathroom, capable of transforming this bare, necessary room into an oasis of relaxation and beauty? In this article, we want to show you how the right use of lacquered colours in the bathroom can truly make a difference.

Matt lacquered bathroom

Do you usually retreat to the bathroom after a stressful day at work? Imagine opening the door and discovering modern, lacquered bathroom furniture: your mood would immediately improve. Choosing the right combination of lacquered colours could in fact contribute to creating a relaxing, energising or even romantic atmosphere, starting with compositions with a strong aesthetic impact.


If you like a contemporary look, then opt for matt lacquered colours for the mirror area: what do you make of this Formalia bathroom? The vanity cabinet together with the Status wall-mounted accessory holder are bewitching, making the bathroom appear comfortable and alluring.

Another shade which is packed with personality is blue, which will make soaking in the bathtub a regenerating experience, like diving into the sea. Do you like the idea of relaxing properly in your bathroom? You need to know that with the Idro model, you can easily furnish a bathroom with a concealed laundry too, making use of washing machine/drier cabinets and pull-out baskets, which will help you keep everything in order and give rise to your favourite oasis of relaxation.

Glossy lacquered bathroom

White is the perfect colour for a refined and timeless bathroom and thanks to the range of glossy lacquered finishes available, it blends in seamlessly with current home interiors. For example, the Idro collection includes a bathroom cabinet and wall-mounted vanity units in a pale, glossy hue: what’s the result? The composition conveys a sense of lightness, making everything look bigger.

Another lacquered colour that lends a refreshing touch to any bathroom is green. Some of the most attractive nuances can be found in the Formalia bathroom and Lagu: starting with the paint on the walls, note how the final aesthetic result is strongly affected by the combination with other darker or paler shades.

Restyle your bathroom and choose the perfect lacquered colour together with our dealers!
Lacquered bathroom