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Shining a new light on your bathtub and shower

Shining a new light on your bathtub and shower

The brightest layouts for spaces both large and small. Design ideas to position your shower or bathtub according to the window.

The saying goes: There’s no place like home. In Italy too, “home” is synonymous with safety and family. For this reason, the perfect bathroom is the one that’s been designed with painstaking care, above all if it is bright and fitted with a shower or bathtub with a window above it or nearby. Positioning large sanitary ware in the best possible way is vital for creating an oasis of personal well-being within the confines of your home. Let’s see how you can do this uniquely!

Classical combinations

Fashion in the bathroom furniture industry is inspired by trends that concern all aspects, including the sanitary ware. Among these, the queen bee is without a doubt the bathtub, which is often placed underneath a window at the back of the room. A similar solution is also proposed in bathrooms with a shower under the window, creating a contemporary look. A bathtub or shower under the window are often found in long, narrow bathrooms, but this apparently common layout makes for optimum space distribution and makes a modern bathroom nice and bright. And the well-being boudoir is not dark and tight and relegated to a bathroom with a back window: the bathtub or shower deserves a carefully designed area to set aside some time for yourself!

For instance, a bathtub fitted on one side of the bathroom allows you to separate the well-being area from the strictly functional part, which is really busy at peak times of the day. A practical partition that grants privacy even in a crowded home that helps you keep things neat and tidy.

As far as the shower is concerned, it can be fitted in a niche or under a skylight or a small window. One way to ensure you have enough space for a comfortable shower is to create a customised one. A custom-sized shower, with a shower tray that is cut to measure during installation, will allow you to have a shower even if you don’t have the standard space available. This way, even the laundry room and a small bathroom can coexist!

Just like in luxury suites

Being able to install large sanitary ware in the bathroom - such as a bathtub or shower - free-standing in the middle of the room, perhaps in front of a large window and without forgoing functionality and privacy is a veritable dream. Sometimes, it’s not entirely impossible to make this dream come true! Among the most popular bathroom ideas in recent years, one trend that had up until now been reserved for luxury suites is gaining ground, namely having the bathtub or shower in your room. In this case, walls are taken down to make way for mobile partitions to create a cosy and unique relaxation corner. Perfect for the most modern styles or to bring to mind the charm of past centuries with new furnishing solutions for the bathroom!

Closer distances

Due to design or budget restrictions, sometimes the bathtub (or the shower) and the window are installed far apart. The result could be a functional setting, but the washing area may appear a little dim due to its position far away from natural light. One way to ensure this area of the bathroom is bright is to insert built-in spotlights in the false ceiling or other strategic light points for a scenic effect. Sometimes, it is enough to reduce a wall that is too bulky to make the room immediately appear brighter and more welcoming!

If yours is a bathroom with a high window that doesn’t shed much light, choosing large mirrors will improve refraction, in a game of reflections that will make the room appear bigger. To achieve this, a sophisticated harmony is also indispensable between the wall tiles and the flooring: choosing pale and/or glossy finishes, to be carefully matched with warm, natural hues, will immediately make everything look bigger. The Formalia bathroom offering with a shower niche that recalls the profile of the window creates communication between the areas of the room, without weighing down the overall look.

Which bathtub or shower solutions are ideal for your bathroom with a window? Find out more at Scavolini dealers!

Shining a new light on your bathtub and shower