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Shower, bathtub, or both?

Shower, bathtub, or both?

What to choose for your bathroom, between practicality, styling and organisation

One of the great dilemmas we often face when designing and decorating the bathroom is: shower or bathtub? It isn’t always possible to pick both, but never say never! With a few cunning ideas and tips, we can make room for both even in spaces which are rather restricted. Let’s look at three different solutions which help us overcome any doubts, in keeping with contemporary requirements.

Shower for every space and need

Shower systems have become genuine allies of pure and simple wellness. Increasingly stylistically attractive, functional and super versatile, depending on the shape of the room and the available floor space, they adapt easily to fit in anywhere: in a niche, a corner or against the wall. There are no problems whatsoever, thanks to an extensive range of possibilities for all types of bathroom furnishings.


However, what affects the choice of one model over another is also a question of habits, to be taken into account when the time comes to choose the solution which best represents you. If you like to keep fit, exercising in the morning before you go to work, a super sleek shower enclosure is essential; simply hop in for a quick shower after your training session with the equipment in the Gym Space bathroom. You couldn’t get a better start to the day!

People-centric, with a bathtub

There was a time when the hectic pace of life seemed to have taken over a more human-friendly lifestyle. Time, experience and recent global events have instead taught us to recover more space and time for ourselves, for our loved-ones and our passions.
The kitchen has returned to its glory days of marmalade- and jam-making, home-baked bread and cakes, as well as gourmet recipes for special occasions.

Starting at home, our habits have become a mirror of our humanity. The bathroom and its rituals has gone back to being the place for total relaxation, to spend a few extra minutes, without worrying about stealing moments from more pressing tasks.

The bathtub represents just this: the ability to be “here and now”, in contact with our innermost thoughts, leaving haste, anxiety and worry at the door. When the space allows it, it becomes the symbol of total well-being and offers experiences capable of redefining physical and mental harmony of body and mind.

Just like showers, bathtub models adapt to all settings, because they can be installed against a wall, recessed in a corner or free-standing in the middle of the room, with customisable finishes and taps.

Shower and bathtub, well-being has no limits

“The professor says that humanity is divided up between those who shower and those who have a bath.”
(Luciano De Crescenzo in "Così parlò Bellavista")

The shower and bathtub can become the representation of two categories of thought, examples of very distant lifestyles. They can also express the possibility of overcoming all prejudice. Because two worlds, which can appear distant, can become closer and give rise to interesting combinations. People say couples who last the longest are in fact made up of very different personalities!


So we can stop hesitating now: instead of opting for one or the other, you can simply carefully assess whether you can marry the two, and the marriage of bathtub and shower enclosure will be destined to live happily ever after!
The two elements can live in perfect synch, creating well-defined areas for wellness, or be inserted independently in a space, marking out distinct spaces to move around in complete freedom.

Bathtub, shower, or both? Discover a world of possibilities in the section dedicated to bathroom furnishings ;)
Shower, bathtub, or both?