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An open-plan, separate or broken-plan kitchen?

An open-plan, separate or broken-plan kitchen?

3 (plus 1!) ways to plan your kitchen. An open-plan setting, a dedicated room or adjoining rooms make the cooking environment extremely customisable!

From the first moment we begin to think about our kitchen, to how we furnish it and the must-have appliances we order to make it fully functional, we each have a unique, ideal project in mind. Then when the time comes to turn the idea into actual reality, customised, genius combinations come to be. Here are some of the most popular ways to create an exposed or separate kitchen or a kitchen that opens onto the living room!

Everything is on show in an open-plan kitchen


Imagining a kitchen that opens onto other rooms in the home means pursuing the perfect harmony between the culinary realm and the other household spaces, whether this is the living room or the bedroom area. This idea is both appealing and at the same time worrying, because every room has to first be planned for the functional organisation of the domestic space. It is important to consider that the open-plan kitchen needs to be designed with painstaking care for detail: from the most suitable floor for the various functions of the room, to the impeccably styled appliances, and also versatile furniture that is finished on both “faces” of the room.

Formalia is a model that combines versatile furniture with modern finishes in a single offering. Its Status Wall System is designed to furnish the room with open-fronted solutions that can also be configured as partition elements that can be positioned in the centre of the room.

With an open-plan kitchen, the space appears bigger and brighter, allowing every centimetre available to be used. Fewer walls also mean fewer obstacles during cleaning, but also a greater need for tidiness in the entire setting.

To organise the living room area and find a solution on how to conceal an exposed kitchen, you can opt for a concealed kitchen, to be hidden away behind elegant doors like the ones in BoxLife. With this solution, the kitchen will be part of an open-plan setting while remaining invisible. A compromise for tight (and untidy) spots!

Broken-plan or semi-open?


Whatever you want to call it, a kitchen that opens up, but not too much, onto the living room or bedroom area accommodates the most creative spatial requirements and allows you to separate the functions of a single room, marking the division between the kitchen zone and the remainder of your home. Here, there is no need to think of a way to hide the kitchen from the hallway or living room. Thanks to a peninsula with a breakfast bench, or a partition wall without a door, the adjoining kitchen remains partially hidden. This way, you can create an even and elegant setting in which to move around and chat freely!

Which type of kitchen suits you, an open-plan kitchen or a closed one? Or do you prefer a stylish broken-plan kitchen? Find out more at authorised dealers!

An open-plan, separate or broken-plan kitchen?