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Copper coloured Stopsol glass wall panel
Towel rail for washbasin
Nero Marquinia Marble top, 4.2 cm thick

Diesel Open Workshop

Diesel Open Workshop. Βιομηχανικός μινιμαλισμός.
Μερικά σχετικά χαρακτηριστικά
vintage βιομηχανικό γυαλί διεθνές επίπεδη πόρτα λαβή μόδα πολυτελές προσαρμοζόμενο σχεδίαση φωτεινό χάλυβας
Metal, glass, an industrial feel:
Η Diesel μεταφέρει στα έπιπλα μπάνιου το στυλ που έφερε την επανάσταση στην αισθητική της κουζίνας, παρουσιάζοντας ένα φιλόδοξο έργο στο οποίο το βιομηχανικό σύμβολο δείχνει την ισχυρή του προσωπικότητα.
Το Diesel Open Workshop είναι όλα αυτά: ζεστοί τόνοι, σκούρα χρώματα, αδιαφανή υλικά μαζί με μεγάλες επιφάνειες που καθρεφτίζουν, μεταλλικοί όγκοι. Είναι σπάνιες οι φορές που τόσα πολλά και αντίθετα οπτικά ερεθίσματα κατάφεραν να δημιουργήσουν ένα αρμονικό και, ταυτόχρονα, λειτουργικό σύνολο στην καθημερινή οικιακή ζωή.

Design by Diesel Living
The composition with double undermount washbasin and baskets with Ribbed Glass fronts features a top in Deep Bedrock Corian®. The two Lunar mirrors with bronze finish painted edging and perimeter light are presented in Copper finish glass “wall panelling”, split into 3 panels with a bevelled edging. The Industrial style is evident in the Bronze finish corner plaques, which are inset into the thickness of the top.
A truly effective storage system for the Diesel Open Workshop bathroom: a pair of wall-mounted cabinets with a depth of 20 cm, presented in Soft Beige finish – the same as the doors beneath the washbasin. Storage is the key word for smaller elements too: the Lunar Stock mirror – shown here in Bronze lacquered finish – becomes the perfect "hiding place" for your toiletries and cosmetics.
A distinguishing trait of the Diesel Open Workshop collection are the large copper-effect Stopsol mirror panels which act like a backdrop to the bathroom cabinet. The washbasin base units, which are shown here in Slate Black matt lacquered finish, are completed by another powerful styling element of this model: the tubular towel rail, i.e. the structure of the Stock Rack System element that has been restyled into the swivel version for new uses.
The relaxation corner includes a base unit with a bronze finish frame door with Smoky Glass black mesh glass. Inside, it features one of the accessory solutions devised for this Scavolini bathroom setting. The top, on which the Beauty Tray make-up mirror sits, is made of Nero Marquinia marble, one of the finishes picked out for the Open Workshop model. The tubular element is restyled and becomes a floor-standing screen with a bronze finish towel rail.
The details of this composition show other composition elements of the Diesel Open Workshop system. Total Screen with Soft Steel finish tubular metal mesh, Square Lunar rectangular mirror designed by Diesel with LED light, the Sink Rectangular washbasin in polished finish Mineralmarmo. Solutions that embellish the modularity of the Diesel Open Workshop bathroom furnishing system.
A Total White composition that reveals the various heights of Diesel Open Workshop for storage. The three storage cabinets in this bathroom immediately reveal the composition variety of the vertical space: H.50 cm base units for the white ceramic undermount “Shape” washbasin unit; H.125 cm for the small display cabinet with glass shelves and Ribbed Glass door; H.75 cm for the large base unit with glass door and inner drawer unit. All three storage units are fitted with a Motley Quarz top, Soft Steel profiles and feet and Prestige White Matt Lacquered plain doors.
The dominant colour - chosen for this particular bathroom - is grey. This stylish shade ranges from the stripy white marble (combined here with the make-up area too), merging with the aluminium of the metallic parts, through to the intense grey hue of Soft Dun decorative melamine. The solution combining top and sit-on washbasin in Bianco Carrara marble does not under any circumstances go unnoticed. The result: a highly prestigious setting.
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Diesel Open Workshop
Lunar Stock round storage mirror
Diesel-specific top profile
Ribbed Glass
Smoky Glass
Stock Rack System

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Matt Lacquered Mineral Green Scav 277
Matt Lacquered Slate Black Scav 424
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