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Classic-modern furniture. Tradition and trend in a unique style

Classic-modern furniture. Tradition and trend in a unique style

3 ideas for the kitchen, living room and bathroom to see up close. To write a brand-new story!

Once upon a time (and now too), in a Beautiful Country that adored art, there was an age-old tradition of furnishing kitchens, sitting rooms and bathrooms with delicate finishes and prized materials. This custom was gradually embellished and complemented with new elements that are appreciated all over the world today. The Italian tradition of respecting the past while mixing it with contemporary inspirations has thus made it possible to blend classic and modern furniture to give rise to an unprecedented style and some unique characteristics. Come closer to find out more!

Welcome, pale colours!

In classic-modern kitchen furniture, as in the remainder of the home, the colours and tactile sensations conveyed by furniture finishes give off a sense of lightness and novelty. In traditional compositions, wood was the number one material, a must-have in every room. With the sequence of various fashion trends and inspirations from abroad, new solutions have been introduced into our homes, along with many new colours which were seldom utilised.

In this gradual embellishment, classic-modern mix furniture now also embraces paler colours, together with new compositions and technological solutions, to accommodate the latest needs and tastes. Hence, the neutral and warmer shades of white, yellow and even grey are used to finish furniture in the kitchen as well as in the living room and bathroom.

The Madeleine offering reflects both pure white modern-classic furniture, such as the Butter White Ash finish, which is ideal for warm hospitality. The kitchen space accommodates appliances whose style has been carefully studied, glass fronted units painstakingly framed in the same colours as the room and reduced-size handles and knobs, shyly present so as not to be noticed. The pale worktop makes the room brighter. A corner of paradise for those who love to relax at the hob.

But that’s not all! Another relaxing venue is the bathroom, where welcoming hues help you wind down after a hard day’s work. These compositions bring to mind the classic vanity unit, but use pale hues oozing prestigious elegance. The Baltimora bathroom with White Ash finish brings to mind furniture from long ago, with its reflective surfaces framed by decorative elements. A veritable dream for both the country and the city!

Matt brightness

As tradition would have it, the finishes in contemporary classic furniture are rigorously matt. A legacy from classic wooden compositions, where light made way for impressive rigorous materials. This same rigour is reiterated yet lightened by reflective elements such as glass. One example is the Madeleine kitchen in Butter White, which recalls classic style with a fresh brightness. The steel utensil-holder bar placed on the hob adds a modern touch to the kitchen, as does the free-standing island and the steel sink with tap in the same material. In the contemporary classic living room, the atmospheres echo those of the kitchens featuring decorative frame elements for the wall and base unit doors, again in matt finish. The Madeleine Living room is a modern composition, with a wall-mounted structure and base units forming an uninterrupted line. However, the classic style is referred to in the wall units with glass fronted unit placed above the TV unit. A loyal reference to the past to soften the presence of new technologies.

Wood with a modern twist

A classic-modern must-have in the kitchen which matches both basic compositions and those packed with details is a wooden table. It can also be used with chairs, available in a variety of finishes, embracing the latest trend of mix&match. The merger of the Tabula extensible table in solid Vissuto Fir wood with a small drawer included with the Gea model chairs in solid Ash wood is impeccable. Like the meeting between two worlds learning to cohabit harmoniously.


Which classic-modern furniture composition for your kitchen or living room would you like to see in your home? Browse the entire Scavolini offering at authorised dealers!

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Classic-modern furniture. Tradition and trend in a unique style