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Casting the spotlight on the bathroom: wall lamps

Casting the spotlight on the bathroom: wall lamps

Bathroom wall lamps come in different shapes and styles

Do you enjoy trying on new make-up or are you more of a soap and water addict? Do you tend to your beard every day or do you let your stubble grow until the weekend? Whatever your bathroom habits are, one thing is for certain: in addition to the traditional ceiling lamp, you need to install wall-mounted light fixtures that are well visible and at just the right height to light the setting properly. That’s why bathroom wall lamps are a must-have: they provide efficient lighting, but with low energy consumption levels thanks to the LED light bulbs. Let’s see some together!

Classic bathroom wall lamps

Some wall lamp models are a veritable tribute to vintage, bringing to mind the romantic desk lamps used in literary cafés. The lighting system used in the Baltimora bathroom collection is truly bewitching, its wall lamps also constituting a decorative item: fitted on either side of the mirror, to provide just the right lighting, the wall lights reinterpret the retro style with a modern twist, enhancing the value of the entire bathroom composition with their soft and sinuous silhouettes.

Modern bathroom wall lamps

Another attractive solution is the concept of modern wall lamps, designed with painstaking care for details and crafted with exclusive silhouettes. If your bathroom aesthetics are in keeping with minimal contemporary or industrial taste, why not install an accordion wall lamp or one with a jointed arm? They will bring added value in terms of both lighting and style.

The majority of modern wall lamps come in the form of wall-mounted spotlights, with a characteristic geometric shape. They are ideal for lighting a specific area of the bathroom, while at the same time decorating the room. Our advice? If you’re in the habit of having a lovely hot bath at the end of the day, then direct the light up, for a diffused and relaxing atmosphere.

Last but by no means least, the range of bathroom wall lamps also includes horizontal mirror lamps: boasting a simple and timeless design, they blend in seamlessly with any bathroom style, elegantly highlighting it.

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Casting the spotlight on the bathroom: wall lamps